Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! May you find love, peace, dreams more than that a true meaning of life! Let it be a very special year for each one of us.

Welcome 2010! Hope you will be sweet to all of us!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Its an extra special day!

How do you feel if you wake up one day with a special dream and then almost similar thing happens on that day? You are almost close to that dream in your real life. what are you thankful for? to that special dream? or for that sweet person who held your hand tightly to take you to that dream and made it extra special? There are very few sweet angels out there in your life. Sometimes you see them in front of you and sometimes you don't!

If you ever happen to come across such an angel, hold on to her forever... Just like I did today! Treasure those moments and cherish those memories. May you find more happiness, love, peace and true angels in your life.

Have an extra special day!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I came to know about this art very lately and felt like sharing with you all. This is a traditional Japanese art where basically paper is used and its been folded in such a way to create a pattern or model. You can bring out many objects by folding the papers. Find it interesting? But there happened to be three rules of making an origami! First no gluing, Second no cutting the paper and Third you need to use a single square paper!

If you are interested, please check the above link to learn more about creating different origamis. Have fun folding!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its White Christmas in Texas!

I am not kidding. Its snowing! Its snowing! Its snowing in Texas! Yes, what you hear is right. What a beautiful Christmas this is going to be...My First White Christmas! Its so beautiful outside. You know the probability of White Christmas in Texas is only eight percentage! Too bad.

Can't wait to go out. I love this Special White Christmas. :-) Have fun in the snow!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wish you all a very happy Christmas and happy holidays. Let there be so much happiness and memorable moments with your family and friends. May all your wishes come true.

Christmas is one holiday which will always remain close to my heart. I love to decorate my Christmas tree and meet my sweet little cousins each year. All those arrangements,decorations,lights,fun with my cousins is something I really miss for this year. Really nostalgic. I miss you kids. I wish i am with you on this day. Its so good to think that I have this fun of celebrating Christmas for a decade! I am pretty sure each year it gets even better.

My special thanks to my cousin sister for being so sweet and encouraged me some ten years back for having decorated a small tree with some papers and small stuffs. Her word of appreciation took me to this level of celebrating some real Christmas all these years. You really don't know when you will touch someone's life!

Have a great Christmas and Santa i am waiting :-) Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paa movie

I happened to watch this movie last weekend and I should say this is one good movie no one should miss it for sure. I always liked director Balki's Cheeni kum movie and no wonder this is yet another good one from this wonderful director. The way he cast actors and the way he shaped the entire script is so amazing. Its too good to be true.

I really loved both Vidhya balan's and Amitabh Bachan's performance than anyone else in the movie. They both were like so real and did a fabulous job in the entire movie. No need for me to say about Amitabh as he lived as 'Auro'. What a great performance. I only thought of Abhishek Bachan how lucky he must have been to have acted in this kind of movie as a dad to his own real life dad especially the one scene where he carries his own dad on his back. I don't think no son has been offered such a wonderful experience in a movie. Am I wrong about it?

Vidhya balan, hmm cant wait to talk about her performance. She is this super cool mom to her son. I loved her on every scene. She is really really a wonderful mom to Auro. Honestly I didn't expect this kind of acting from her. The way she treats her son every moment in this film makes her so special. I wish every mom out there who have trouble bringing up special children should once see her role in this movie. You would fall in love with her more than once!

Our music Maestro Ilayaraja again came with an evergreen sweet tunes which is not only catchy but will make you hum for a little longer period. My favorite songs are Hichki hichki, Halke se bole, Gum sum gum. Especially Hichki! I love this song. I wish i know better Hindi to understand it.

Don't miss this movie. A movie of this kind very rarely happens so go and watch it before someone starts to direct some real crap one in the name of a movie!

Love your kids and be there for them always.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pure mess up

In my infinite wisdom I ended up deleting couple of my own post on this blog! It was truly a mess when I realized it only later. For a moment I did not know what I really did. Silly mistake of mine kind of shook me for a moment. Huh! Then I retyped it all again and re posted it from scratch. Thanks to my memory which covered it all over again. Now I better know how my blog contents are being saved in my mail box.

I think I learned a lesson for today. Never try to over do things while you are learning! Learn until you master the art.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What If dreams come true

Dreams are different for each one of us. Some are happy,funny,confusing,thrilling or even sad. There are moments in our life where we really wish a special dream to be so true. For me its more about day dreaming! Most of my dreams are encircled with my special people in a special place. My dream place would be a new place where there is a beautiful farm,a small sweet home,cute little pets,a wonderful garden with your special loved ones around where there is only love and care which circles you all day,every moment of your life.

All I dream is about that beautiful place being with my loved ones. But there are so many other sweet secret dreams which is best kept within me for sure ;-) When something around me is not worth listening I honestly tune out to these beautiful dreams. It started from my schooling and it helped me not to fall asleep during the most boring classes! Oops! For once Smart people and Smart kids out there, please skip this line. Sorry! Trust me its really very hard to be so honest in life.

If you ever had a sweet dream, try to fall asleep again! I wish all my dreams come true one day. Then this world would be a beautiful place if one such dream comes true. It would apparently land up in a sense of Deja vu! Keep dreaming.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Love is the most beautiful thing that God has ever given to mankind. For love is a true treasure and a strange feeling. Its a beautiful feeling one has it for another. No one could explain it in words and me neither. Love is unconditional. Of all the things on earth it is the most beautiful feeling that could be felt inside you. Love is in you in fact it is you!

Love someone truly with all your heart. In this fast world its a slow process. Love has to wait. Love like you only have one day left for you to love. Its always so good to fall in love. Others simply cant understand it. If you are in love, Lucky you! If you are loved by the one you love, you are gifted! Make it very special. Let the person know how much you love her/him. Love like you always wanted you to be loved by someone. Never give up.

If there would ever be a world where there is no love I would rather not step on to that place! Its so good to be in love and loved by someone. Fall in love for once. Good luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hi People!

I am so happy today for having started my own blog. This is a new step. I have been thinking of creating it for quite a long time and that happened only today. Now I am not going to tell you that this blog is going to be different. Its nothing new. Just a free flow of words and things that we all come across in our own life. My random thoughts.

I have been following few blogs of different types for quite a long time and that's how I got so interested to start my own blog. Thanks to those people who brought that interest in me and also being one of the reasons to put me on my own seat. I will try to keep this space very simple and interesting.

Now I need to put some real effort to learn this stuff. I really appreciate your valued time looking on my blog and I keep that in mind every time i try to post anything on it.

Its so cool to blog and I am glad that I have started. Have a wonderful day!