Thursday, December 17, 2009

What If dreams come true

Dreams are different for each one of us. Some are happy,funny,confusing,thrilling or even sad. There are moments in our life where we really wish a special dream to be so true. For me its more about day dreaming! Most of my dreams are encircled with my special people in a special place. My dream place would be a new place where there is a beautiful farm,a small sweet home,cute little pets,a wonderful garden with your special loved ones around where there is only love and care which circles you all day,every moment of your life.

All I dream is about that beautiful place being with my loved ones. But there are so many other sweet secret dreams which is best kept within me for sure ;-) When something around me is not worth listening I honestly tune out to these beautiful dreams. It started from my schooling and it helped me not to fall asleep during the most boring classes! Oops! For once Smart people and Smart kids out there, please skip this line. Sorry! Trust me its really very hard to be so honest in life.

If you ever had a sweet dream, try to fall asleep again! I wish all my dreams come true one day. Then this world would be a beautiful place if one such dream comes true. It would apparently land up in a sense of Deja vu! Keep dreaming.

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