Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Love is the most beautiful thing that God has ever given to mankind. For love is a true treasure and a strange feeling. Its a beautiful feeling one has it for another. No one could explain it in words and me neither. Love is unconditional. Of all the things on earth it is the most beautiful feeling that could be felt inside you. Love is in you in fact it is you!

Love someone truly with all your heart. In this fast world its a slow process. Love has to wait. Love like you only have one day left for you to love. Its always so good to fall in love. Others simply cant understand it. If you are in love, Lucky you! If you are loved by the one you love, you are gifted! Make it very special. Let the person know how much you love her/him. Love like you always wanted you to be loved by someone. Never give up.

If there would ever be a world where there is no love I would rather not step on to that place! Its so good to be in love and loved by someone. Fall in love for once. Good luck!


  1. love makes life or life makes love ?... i am in a big confus

  2. Whatever it is, Love is a beautiful feeling!