Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paa movie

I happened to watch this movie last weekend and I should say this is one good movie no one should miss it for sure. I always liked director Balki's Cheeni kum movie and no wonder this is yet another good one from this wonderful director. The way he cast actors and the way he shaped the entire script is so amazing. Its too good to be true.

I really loved both Vidhya balan's and Amitabh Bachan's performance than anyone else in the movie. They both were like so real and did a fabulous job in the entire movie. No need for me to say about Amitabh as he lived as 'Auro'. What a great performance. I only thought of Abhishek Bachan how lucky he must have been to have acted in this kind of movie as a dad to his own real life dad especially the one scene where he carries his own dad on his back. I don't think no son has been offered such a wonderful experience in a movie. Am I wrong about it?

Vidhya balan, hmm cant wait to talk about her performance. She is this super cool mom to her son. I loved her on every scene. She is really really a wonderful mom to Auro. Honestly I didn't expect this kind of acting from her. The way she treats her son every moment in this film makes her so special. I wish every mom out there who have trouble bringing up special children should once see her role in this movie. You would fall in love with her more than once!

Our music Maestro Ilayaraja again came with an evergreen sweet tunes which is not only catchy but will make you hum for a little longer period. My favorite songs are Hichki hichki, Halke se bole, Gum sum gum. Especially Hichki! I love this song. I wish i know better Hindi to understand it.

Don't miss this movie. A movie of this kind very rarely happens so go and watch it before someone starts to direct some real crap one in the name of a movie!

Love your kids and be there for them always.

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