Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar - James Cameron's Dream

Who could have forgot this Ace Director for his romantic yet a disaster movie "Titanic"? I myself have watched it for more than thirty times and I better remember the dialogues in the whole movie. It will always remain one of my all time favorite list of movies. Who could have forgot the scene where Rose spreads her hands in air on the edge of the ship and whispered 'I am flying, Jack!'

Avatar is yet another James Cameron's dream and his way of bringing it to big screen. This post is definitely not about the script and technicality of this movie. I honestly believe that I don't have that ability to talk about it. I could see and hear people talking about this movie everywhere. It has reached audience of all sorts. In fact for those who didn't even ever consider watching Hollywood movies want to see this movie no matter what it takes. This is what James Cameron's success is all about. He did that once with Titanic and now he's back with a bang in Avatar."Pandora", What a world! What a dream Mr Cameron!

Avatar - Truly a visual treat. Don't miss it.

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