Saturday, January 2, 2010


There are moments in your life for no reason you are being denied! This is one time you want to reach out to the super power and want him desperately to bless you. You cry out for those angels with the magical wand to help you this one time. You want to collapse in the arms of Santa who missed your wish list for this Christmas. Its all for one reason that nature let you down.

This is a time when someone holds your hand and you don't even feel it! For there is a lump in the throat which you cant explain in words. For the first time you are let down by nature and not by people. For some reason you want to be alone with you and search for an answer. Its one difficult time where you hold few tears in your eyes and never want to show it to anyone around you. This is when you could not be a part of someone's dream. Why there is so much pain before being given? Just because you have that extra strength? or may be God has that one good reason?

Its when you are all set to wrap the gift and about to announce to the world suddenly you find that the gift itself is missing! This is the time where you could not make someone happy and the fault is not yours. Its exactly the moment where those alarming words from several people comes again and again in your mind. This is the moment where you had that most beautiful feeling until the reality turned bad. What a way to start an year! Never mind. May be I am used to it. For there is always been a deep search and meaning before i receive anyone or anything. May be God knows that I can take that extra special step in search of my dreams.

For those of you out there may I pray that you will never come across such a moment in your life. May you have that extra strength, blessings, even natural power, along with my love and prayers to stay out of it.

And Santa, how can you forget my wish list? Oh, come on, what you thought for this Christmas was already given and been with me for a long time. Now listen I believe you always. You know me better...I never give up. I am gonna come right here after sometime with the beautiful moment i just lost and will thank you! I promise you that.

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