Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Pongal!

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal. As always Pongal is one special festival which is always good to me just because my birthday falls on this day :-) It brings so many smiles on my face every time someone calls and wishes me. Though I am not a big fan of celebrating my birthday, somehow I realized that this day is very special to me in every year. Friends, family, special ones and my so sweet little cousins call me and wish me on this day. It feels great.

Oh yeah, then there are so many people who would ask me what's the color on my horn for this year! Since I was born on this great 'Maattu pongal' day and then I answer them picking different color each year...

Thinking of the best gifts I received on this day for all these years, I very much remember when I was in ninth grade or so my aunt just want to check my attitude she folded a two rupee note and placed it in my hand and wished me a happy birthday. Without reacting, I got down her knees and got her blessings then took the money and saved it in my saving box. She felt so happy on that day. I am glad I made her smile through her tears. She is no more now. But I am sure her blessings will always be with me.

Then the most wonderful gift though I can't treasure it in hand but will always remain within me would be the one which one of my brother who worked in our shop gave me once for my birthday. I always love hydrogen balloons and knowing that he came peddling too fast his bicycle and handed it on my hand wishing me on this day. I got so excited, I thanked him so much and within few seconds Oops! the balloon ran out of my hand and it was in air! Then again he took his bicycle and peddled it too fast to get me another balloon. He came back gasping with one. I thanked him so much for his effort and his love towards me and was literally jumping for the balloon he just gave me. And again I was an idiot to make the same mistake! Yes, again the balloon was in air!!! He went for the third time to get it for me but unfortunately the guy who was selling balloons was missing by that time! Its the most beautiful gift I could ever imagine in my life. The way it was given by someone who really cares about me is so amazing! Thank you Babu Anna. And I am so sorry for that day. I am sure you will always be remembered on this day...Forever in my life!

For me its always people who really matters. Its only their unconditional love which made me a better person now. I love you all for being a part of me and my life. Thank you so much for being so sweet to me always.

And for this year my color would be Orange;-) Happy?


  1. hey intha pongalum nee vaaikkalukku varala ..... sema super po nee blog la vaikkala paththi en eluthala ?..

  2. I missed being with you all,Ganapathi na. Hope I will make it next time.