Friday, January 1, 2010

The lost art of letter writing

When was the last time you grabbed a paper to write a letter to someone? Way back? I know it is the most outdated concept now. Thanks to 'Pokkisham' movie which made me realize how much we are missing the real touch of being communicated nowadays. I profoundly remember too well how much I enjoyed writing letters even as a kid. Thanks to my aunt who enjoyed my very first letters with so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, without her I must have missed this special art.

What a special way to communicate with your loved ones through letters. It was not like today where you open your email everyday or each hour in a day to see there is nothing special, may be a crappiest mail waiting for you and you certainly select it and click 'report spam' button annoyingly! There never was an unwanted letter waiting for you with a Postmaster! In fact there are moments where you waited for a particular letter to be delivered so badly and then like an angel from no land a Postmaster appears right in front of you and just keeps it in your hand! That's one of the moment where you visualize him as a real Santa! Letters carried so much personal touch in each word. The moment you grab it you better know that you are going to enjoy those special words from someone.

I always enjoyed writing letters. Most of my letters I remember never ended in a page but rather it used to be in numerous papers! Some of my letters were for those special ones, friends, cousins, sisters, to my very own brother while some carried my apologies, gratitude, wishes, few are explanatory for a misunderstanding, many carried my love, how much I missed the person and even an explanation letter to a person who "owned" someone I know too well! At one point someone's dad enjoyed reading my letters to his daughter more than she did though a slight blow to my privacy I felt okay then.

Letters are not at all an outdated art, it is the most out smartest way of communication. A personal touch along with the person's own handwriting makes you feel he/she is just in front of you. No one I knew ever trashed it instead they valued as a treasure which is safely kept in their personal box! I would love to make a quick peek into one of those cute letters I have written to my loved ones. Sweetest will be those I wrote while schooling! Though I don't remember, I know it for sure!

Let's all start writing letters and be sweet to each other again please:-)

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