Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Movie

I really had a wonderful time watching this romantic love story. Sometimes you need to gift yourself some good moments by taking some good effort to make yourself happy. This is one of the time I really made such an effort to make it worth it. First time here in US, I watched a Tamil movie in a theater with some seven hundred people that too on the first day for the first show at 9:30 pm! First time with such a crowd in US. This is one of my much anticipated romantic love story and I am so happy that I loved it.

It is a very clean, feel good, decent, stylish and a very romantic movie. I really love the way it has shaped up with the cast and story line. For the entire time while watching the movie I found myself carrying a little smile on my face all along and above all my heart loved it more than I did! What a love story! I loved it so very much. This movie is going to be in one of my favorite movie list. I would love to watch it over and over again.

I always love to watch all of director Mr Gautham Menon's movies. Its mainly for his style of film making and especially for there will always be some cute love sequences in each of his movies. Must be a romantic person! His passion for film making reflects in each of his script. Thanks Mr Gautham for giving us such a passionate love story.

Loved the dialogues, romantic sequences, music, locations and the perfect cast in the movie. Above all for a very passionate love! In a few scenes I honestly felt I could relate myself in that! And it so happened in few times when my husband realized how much I would love those dialogues, he just turned to me and loved to see my reactions and I really felt it uncomfortable! Very embarrassed! I really dont know what the guys who sat behind us must have thought! :-)

Sometimes Movies take your life backwards. Last night was one of the moment for me. This movie touched me so very much. When I came out of the theater hall I literally looked up and thanked my stars. Had a wonderful, wonderful time watching a passionate love story! I would always cherish this night forever in my life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why do we shy away sometimes in life?

Especially for some real emotional moments in life. Why do we want to hold so much to our self not letting it out of our heart? It would be nice if we could show or express our feelings to the right people at the right moment. I am sure that would be one good emotional moment for both the sides. Are we not fooling our self giving excuses that this is not the right time to do that? Just wondering why people avoid being so emotional in life, want to desperately move away from that place, shy away from those incredible moments in life. After all life teaches you everything. You come across some good and bad moments, fun and sad times, even sometimes you are so innocent to handle it and then at times you are so arrogant too! Life takes you in that roller coaster ride and when the time arrives to get down, you would be happy that you have come so far to be a better person today!

Value those people who touch your heart. Thank God that you are gifted with those wonderful people and their time with you. Make those special ones happy when they spend time with you. Express how much you like their company. Tell them how much they meant to you in your life. Hold their hand, feel their love. If needed shed those tears hanging around in your eyes for them. You dont need to hide it, you dont have to move away, you dont have to say 'I cant do this now. Yes, you can do that! You can! If not today, when? If not this moment, when will you get a chance to do that again? Grab the opportunity. Tell them what you have inside. Tell them how it feels like to be with them. Feel the emotion in life. After all you have one life and live it. Live it the way you want to see yourself happy after several years for having expressed yourself in a fine manner. You wont regret it for what you have done. Please dont shy away to face the reality. Take it as an opportunity to thank people for their kindness, love them for what they have shown you, feel sorry if you have ever committed any mistake. Express it and make someone happy! Live the moment!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iPod Engraving

Who on earth does not like to listen to music? I am sure Apple's iPod is so cool for all the music lovers. Everyone will fall in love with this music player for its sleek design. Its so cute and a very simple music device. Needless to say Apple's products are known for its own classic style and design. No wonder why people just go crazy for its products. I like the iPod shuffle and also love the idea of engraving on it. Its so cool. What an idea to express yourself through this elegant music device along with your favorite music in it! Trust me, It works! Here are few iPod engravings I like most.

To my sweet love.

Where words fail, music speaks.

Love is simply you!

Love is the Rhythm, you are the Music.

iLove u!

You rock my world!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Following a special blog

I am sure there happen to be so many blogs out there which are different, unique, special in their own words and in their own way. I have been following a particular blog for more than a year and I love it. Sometimes it carries fun and information about the blogger herself and sometimes it carries those magical words which inspires your mind the moment you read it and it touches your heart with a great deed. This is one of the moment I felt that way and I really felt like blogging about her blog now. I have to admit she was the one who inspired me to start my own blog and her words always touched me to a great extent. Honestly for very many times I felt that her expressions, her thoughts, her words, her vision are very simple, clear, honest and then it touches your heart straight away. I am so glad I am following her blog for a long time and today I have added her blog in the blogs I follow list in my own blog. First time!

The blogger I am talking all about is our own Singer Chinmayi Sripada! She not only owns that beautiful voice, she also has that extra special words, beautiful thoughts and I am deeply touched by her words very many times. The most talented, simple, humble, passionate, dignified personality on earth and above all a wonderful person I ever know through her words. Sure Words reflect your life, thoughts, your dream and your passion. Her blog 'What to name it' rocks. What to say Chinmayi? You are a phenomenal person. Way to go!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Covered Texas!

Just witnessed a beautiful scene outside. Everything is snow covered. Could not wait to go outside and have fun in snow. I went for a short drive and everything looks fantastic in snow! The whole place became white! For the first time I am experiencing a scene like this and I absolutely love it. Clicked lot of pictures of the white beauty and for the first time I played in snow like a kid. It was fun. Happen to notice few snow man people made at few places. When I tried to make one I failed! Its so cold. Never thought Texas could experience such a Cold Front like this one. Truly enjoyed this morning with the snow scene. A rare scene of snow blanketing the whole place in Texas. Simply awesome.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Family Is A Family!

This is a new documentary program in HBO and I watched it yesterday for the first time. I always felt like watching this program having impressed by the teaser long back and it was kind of a surprise for me to watch it last night. With all the small kids talking and explaining about a family, siblings, love and happiness and even sensitive issues who would be there to complain about it?

Its so cute to see all those kids explaining about lot of things. The words they use and the damn cute expression they make, its just perfect. I really don't know whether the kids are being directed that way but I only hope its all natural. This documentary is produced by Rosie O Donnell and directed by Amy Schatz. I appreciate their new step. There are few kids who explained how they are adopted and how happy they are with their adopted parents and there are few others who said they are happy either with their two moms or with two dads! I mean with the gay couple.

This program just goes beyond all the natural stereo typed families and moves lot forward of talking about adoption, same sex marriages, single parents and mixed heritage families. All those explanations comes from these small kids! Just imagine it! They kind of use their own cute words and sweet way of explaining to the viewers. For me it was like a jaw dropping experience. Though there is a critical claim that this program showcases more of some sensitive issues like gay marriages and their parenting, I honestly love this program for those cute kids and their cute way of putting their experiences in such a sweet manner. And I am looking forward to see more of it.

Yes, A family is a family! And kids are always Sweet Angels! You guys simply rock in this program. Here goes the teaser video...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some movies stays close forever

Just finished watching a feel good English movie of 90's fame "A baby's day out"! What an incredible movie to watch it even after a long time. It almost took me to those days of my childhood. I remember how much my brother insisted me of watching it along with him. We had a wonderful time watching it together then. It was all fun. All the smiles, giggles, laugh, the moment of happiness and the real moment of watching all the funny movies are so good to think it over and over again now. There happen to be our own list of favorite movies like 'Home alone, A baby's day out, God's must be crazy, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Tom and Jerry ' and we just go crazy for all these movies at that part of time. He used to pester me so much to watch it along with him then. All those are enduring moments and I cherish those memories. Some movies stays very close to your heart not only because its a damn good one but it also has that very good feel of carrying those memories!

I wonder how much we enjoy as a kid, have so much fun together with siblings and then grow up too fast and then complain ourselves that we don't have time for all that anymore. Kind of weird. I wish I stayed that way forever and had so much fun. I would love to watch all these movies along with my brother all over again. I hope he's listening :-)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Interesting Friday!

I wish every Friday be like this day. I am so happy, relieved and content for this moment. It was quite an explanation to someone truly from my heart and the result was so amazing. I am so grateful for the person and God. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for making my day so wonderful. I always wanted to be a different and better person in life and people around me are very helpful in the process.

Then interestingly I met a lady in the Gym twice this week and she must be around fifty or so. Must be a Chinese, a friendly and a weight conscious person though very thin! Its really good to see her how much she likes to engage herself in workout. I only thought I should learn that from her. When I went today she was already there enjoying her time in Gym. She kind of thought me today how to use the weights and stuffs. She really likes to walk with me once the work out is over. Today she insisted on walking with me after the workout. She kept saying that she lives somewhere around this apartment community. I should say I had a hard time understanding her accent. Eventually found her showing her apartment building and could not stop smiling as it happens to be mine too!

Finally after more than a year I happen to know someone in my own apartment building. Quite a relief. She is a Korean by the way.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I feel Iam so much in love

with Life! I really don't know why I have this feel. I feel that I am so content with what I have now. Thank you so much God for this strange feeling. I don't know how many people have this feel in their life. Someway or the other they need more in life and they don't even try to live to fulfill their basic needs! Always chasing something and then they would never stop, even when they get it because their mind by that time will be already working on the next best thing!

This month happens to be very special for those who are in love! And I am so glad that I love my life so very much. Looking back now I feel I am so happy that how much I enjoyed life, met those special people, I shared so much, laughed, been very mischievous, most of my dreams came alive, learned from my mistakes and of course some tears too! What more can I ask for? I feel like I really lived my life! Dear God, You have to be happy because I don't have anything to ask for. Thank you so much. Thanks for this wonderful life.

This is the moment where you exactly spread your arms wide open and feel like you want to hug the whole world in your little arm! This is when you feel very light inside. And you don't bother about the outside world. Everything looks so beautiful to your vision. There is this sweet music inside your soul. Wow! Life is so beautiful!

For those of you my so sweet people, I wish you all a very good life and the feel like this should happen in your life too. This moment is just priceless! Live your life with so much passion. For life is more than just living!