Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Family Is A Family!

This is a new documentary program in HBO and I watched it yesterday for the first time. I always felt like watching this program having impressed by the teaser long back and it was kind of a surprise for me to watch it last night. With all the small kids talking and explaining about a family, siblings, love and happiness and even sensitive issues who would be there to complain about it?

Its so cute to see all those kids explaining about lot of things. The words they use and the damn cute expression they make, its just perfect. I really don't know whether the kids are being directed that way but I only hope its all natural. This documentary is produced by Rosie O Donnell and directed by Amy Schatz. I appreciate their new step. There are few kids who explained how they are adopted and how happy they are with their adopted parents and there are few others who said they are happy either with their two moms or with two dads! I mean with the gay couple.

This program just goes beyond all the natural stereo typed families and moves lot forward of talking about adoption, same sex marriages, single parents and mixed heritage families. All those explanations comes from these small kids! Just imagine it! They kind of use their own cute words and sweet way of explaining to the viewers. For me it was like a jaw dropping experience. Though there is a critical claim that this program showcases more of some sensitive issues like gay marriages and their parenting, I honestly love this program for those cute kids and their cute way of putting their experiences in such a sweet manner. And I am looking forward to see more of it.

Yes, A family is a family! And kids are always Sweet Angels! You guys simply rock in this program. Here goes the teaser video...

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