Monday, February 1, 2010

I feel Iam so much in love

with Life! I really don't know why I have this feel. I feel that I am so content with what I have now. Thank you so much God for this strange feeling. I don't know how many people have this feel in their life. Someway or the other they need more in life and they don't even try to live to fulfill their basic needs! Always chasing something and then they would never stop, even when they get it because their mind by that time will be already working on the next best thing!

This month happens to be very special for those who are in love! And I am so glad that I love my life so very much. Looking back now I feel I am so happy that how much I enjoyed life, met those special people, I shared so much, laughed, been very mischievous, most of my dreams came alive, learned from my mistakes and of course some tears too! What more can I ask for? I feel like I really lived my life! Dear God, You have to be happy because I don't have anything to ask for. Thank you so much. Thanks for this wonderful life.

This is the moment where you exactly spread your arms wide open and feel like you want to hug the whole world in your little arm! This is when you feel very light inside. And you don't bother about the outside world. Everything looks so beautiful to your vision. There is this sweet music inside your soul. Wow! Life is so beautiful!

For those of you my so sweet people, I wish you all a very good life and the feel like this should happen in your life too. This moment is just priceless! Live your life with so much passion. For life is more than just living!

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