Friday, February 5, 2010

Interesting Friday!

I wish every Friday be like this day. I am so happy, relieved and content for this moment. It was quite an explanation to someone truly from my heart and the result was so amazing. I am so grateful for the person and God. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for making my day so wonderful. I always wanted to be a different and better person in life and people around me are very helpful in the process.

Then interestingly I met a lady in the Gym twice this week and she must be around fifty or so. Must be a Chinese, a friendly and a weight conscious person though very thin! Its really good to see her how much she likes to engage herself in workout. I only thought I should learn that from her. When I went today she was already there enjoying her time in Gym. She kind of thought me today how to use the weights and stuffs. She really likes to walk with me once the work out is over. Today she insisted on walking with me after the workout. She kept saying that she lives somewhere around this apartment community. I should say I had a hard time understanding her accent. Eventually found her showing her apartment building and could not stop smiling as it happens to be mine too!

Finally after more than a year I happen to know someone in my own apartment building. Quite a relief. She is a Korean by the way.

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