Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya Movie

I really had a wonderful time watching this romantic love story. Sometimes you need to gift yourself some good moments by taking some good effort to make yourself happy. This is one of the time I really made such an effort to make it worth it. First time here in US, I watched a Tamil movie in a theater with some seven hundred people that too on the first day for the first show at 9:30 pm! First time with such a crowd in US. This is one of my much anticipated romantic love story and I am so happy that I loved it.

It is a very clean, feel good, decent, stylish and a very romantic movie. I really love the way it has shaped up with the cast and story line. For the entire time while watching the movie I found myself carrying a little smile on my face all along and above all my heart loved it more than I did! What a love story! I loved it so very much. This movie is going to be in one of my favorite movie list. I would love to watch it over and over again.

I always love to watch all of director Mr Gautham Menon's movies. Its mainly for his style of film making and especially for there will always be some cute love sequences in each of his movies. Must be a romantic person! His passion for film making reflects in each of his script. Thanks Mr Gautham for giving us such a passionate love story.

Loved the dialogues, romantic sequences, music, locations and the perfect cast in the movie. Above all for a very passionate love! In a few scenes I honestly felt I could relate myself in that! And it so happened in few times when my husband realized how much I would love those dialogues, he just turned to me and loved to see my reactions and I really felt it uncomfortable! Very embarrassed! I really dont know what the guys who sat behind us must have thought! :-)

Sometimes Movies take your life backwards. Last night was one of the moment for me. This movie touched me so very much. When I came out of the theater hall I literally looked up and thanked my stars. Had a wonderful, wonderful time watching a passionate love story! I would always cherish this night forever in my life.

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