Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why do we shy away sometimes in life?

Especially for some real emotional moments in life. Why do we want to hold so much to our self not letting it out of our heart? It would be nice if we could show or express our feelings to the right people at the right moment. I am sure that would be one good emotional moment for both the sides. Are we not fooling our self giving excuses that this is not the right time to do that? Just wondering why people avoid being so emotional in life, want to desperately move away from that place, shy away from those incredible moments in life. After all life teaches you everything. You come across some good and bad moments, fun and sad times, even sometimes you are so innocent to handle it and then at times you are so arrogant too! Life takes you in that roller coaster ride and when the time arrives to get down, you would be happy that you have come so far to be a better person today!

Value those people who touch your heart. Thank God that you are gifted with those wonderful people and their time with you. Make those special ones happy when they spend time with you. Express how much you like their company. Tell them how much they meant to you in your life. Hold their hand, feel their love. If needed shed those tears hanging around in your eyes for them. You dont need to hide it, you dont have to move away, you dont have to say 'I cant do this now. Yes, you can do that! You can! If not today, when? If not this moment, when will you get a chance to do that again? Grab the opportunity. Tell them what you have inside. Tell them how it feels like to be with them. Feel the emotion in life. After all you have one life and live it. Live it the way you want to see yourself happy after several years for having expressed yourself in a fine manner. You wont regret it for what you have done. Please dont shy away to face the reality. Take it as an opportunity to thank people for their kindness, love them for what they have shown you, feel sorry if you have ever committed any mistake. Express it and make someone happy! Live the moment!

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