Monday, March 8, 2010

Houston Trip

After a very long time took a long drive to Houston. I really love traveling. I always love to visit places and see different people in those places. I must have inherited this love for travel from my brother. He is an avid traveler. Someway or the other he would plan a trip and visit some unique places. He will make all the necessary steps to make his trip worthwhile. Loved watching him do that every time and for most of the times grudgingly I saw those places in his snaps because he would not take me with him!

Had a wonderful time in Houston. We first visited Sri Meenakshi Temple in Pearland near to Houston. Very Very nice temple. The whole atmosphere was so silent and had a very nice feel. First time stepped into a temple of this size in US, had visited few temples in and around my place though. Temple is a place where all your energies are at peace I guess. The whole place was so natural and I felt as though I am visiting a temple in my native place in India. It was so peaceful. I should say that the food in the cafeteria is too cheap and very good. A well maintained and a well organized temple in US.

Then went to NASA in Houston. It really brought back some memories of my college days where I felt terrible to take the news of Columbia disaster in 2003 as we lost our very own Astronaut Kalpana Chawla. Saw her pictures in one of those collections on the wall now. I have heard that they have planted a tree in the name of her in the Memorial Grove even before visiting this place. I tried to see it myself when we were all taken to the NASA sight through a tram tour, unfortunately I could not able to find hers. More than in a tree I hope she is up there in one of those stars! Thats where she dreamed all her life and thats where she belongs even now!

Always loved to take a long drive in US. Just by listening to some good music with a good company and seeing places makes me feel so light inside. Had a wonderful trip, bit tiring though. Looks like most of the must see places in Texas is already visited by me! Everything is big in Texas unfortunately there are very few places to hang around. May be I need to look for other states from now on :-)

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