Monday, April 26, 2010

A Thank You note

This is a continuation to the previous post. I am obliged to give some credits to people around me for the previous post. I know it will be a long one too. That's why I made sure it will be a different post from the previous one.

First and foremost, to my school friends, my sweetest angels of all time. I really don't have words to describe their love towards me. They always remembered me for loving this person too well. I did all the crazy things that people could laugh out now. But still they appreciated and loved my dreams more than I did. I don't think they ever forget the name of the person I loved from then. They used to ask me about her before, when I politely said I don't have touch with her anymore they only gave me that dignified silence. To all of you my sweet buddies, I love you all so much. You all are the best of people I have ever met in my life. For that innocence and for your unconditional love, I bow down before you all.

To Ganapathi Na, he was the second person to know on his own that I got her back in my life. He remembered her too well, he reminded me of our good old days and was more excited about her as soon as I found her. Thank you so much for that moment of excitement and I am glad we shared some nice things that day.

To my family, I better know what a rough time I gave them then. With all the hurting and stuffs which I did quite often then, I drove them mad at times. And suddenly when they noticed that I had lost in touch with her, they kept to themselves. Despite the fact that I have in touch with everyone except this person, they never asked me why for some twelve years! That's quite a number, I believe. I already thanked them but still wanted to include it here for that decency and trust in me.

To Suganthi, thanks a lot for that incredible gesture you showed towards me when I showed that silly note about her in school then. That indeed shows what a sweet person you are.

To Jammuna, No, I could not ask for more in life than your compliment and I promise you that I will strive to give justice to your words forever. Thanks a trillion.

To Jaanu, Well, You can say that, as you have been part of my passion. There is yet another story awaiting here! ;-)

To Amrish, Thank you so much for taking me to that age and making me feel what it would be like being at that time now. I am really shocked at your innocence.

To my little cousin Abi, tears filled my eyes when you said you remembered her whenever you saw the scar but never wanted to talk about it as it might hurt me. Thank you kiddo.

To my Aunt, who always loves to call me as "Princess", after a popular movie released on that particular year. Of all the nick names I have, this one is always special and remains close to my heart.

To someone, who didn't care to be with me anymore, Thanks a lot. And I will better show what you have missed in your life. I promise you that.

And to Rajesh, for being an extremely understanding person in my life.

Last but not least, to Orkut Buyukkokten for developing a wonderful social networking site. Without which, I don't think I would be doing this right now :-)


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  2. I know that you would not expect anything. What else to say? Fate and destiny. Long Sigh...Unfortunately, I lost.