Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip to Tyler,Texas

We traveled to Tyler this weekend, some two hours drive from my place. Had a wonderful time seeing the place especially the 'Caldwell Zoo'. I loved this place so much. I thought it will be just like any other Zoo around this area but to my surprise the Zoo is well maintained and they have some large varieties of different animals. I haven't seen or even heard before about the variety of animals they have it in here. This is a wonderful place to spend with family and friends, especially kids will love it.

The Layout of the Zoo is simply spectacular wherein the wide variety of animals live in a realistic styled habitats. They have a very beautiful landscape especially the 'Chakula Cafe', a covered area with lots of tables to dine in which overlooks the 'East Africa' exhibit. It was very nice and relaxing to watch elephants, giraffes and deers in the exhibit while dinning out in the Cafe. We are very happy that this zoo has exceeded our expectations.

Then we went to 'Tiger creek wildlife refuge' where they have few rescued big cats. The trainee explained us how some of the big cats are rescued from being abused and neglected. Interestingly few of the big cats names are Indian names like Amara, Sultan, Arula, Kumari, Dharma and Amir. When enquired about it, the trainee said that they all belong to Indian Origin.

Had a good time in Tyler.


  1. Did u see any rats of Indian origin from VOC zoo?

  2. Not yet. I will let you know If I find one, but saw Indian Origin Crow though.