Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apple iPad

Finally the hype is over and the product is already out in the market. I checked the Apple iPad yesterday in an Apple store. By the first look of it, anyone will fall in love with it. Seriously, its a cool device. Very handy, thin, simple, elegant and stylish gadget. Well, I am not going to review it and I don't have much knowledge about it to do that. Just felt like blogging about what I felt about the iPad tablet.

Browsing is very fast in the iPad, I checked few websites and it works pretty fast. Guess what, I checked my own blog in that :-) As it doesn't support Adobe Flash, the videos I posted in my blog didn't work. I was disappointed. As most of the websites uses Flash, I am not sure how it will do good with the device. No web cam too. This is another pitfall. As always, Apple's products are used to be way too high in price. The basic Wi-Fi, 16 GB iPad price is $499! I know, Its expensive.

On the brighter side, the battery life is for 10 hours. Honestly, its so cool. I really like the iBook store. It was like reading a real book on your hand. The page turns are so very perfect. Its very smooth and amazing to flip the pages. I loved it. The Multi Touch technology is something which will definitely blow you crazy. Viewing photos and videos is just incredible in that device. Playing games, you will simply love it. I can assure you that. Typing in the keyboard just works perfect. It was not complicated as I thought.

No flash support, no web cam, way too pricey - Thumbs down, Mr. Steve. Despite the fact, there are other features which I just love about it and the iPad tablet just cant gets off my head from yesterday. Seriously, I would have considered buying it, if it had supported Flash and also if it had web cam. I hope they deliver the next model with these features. That's the best strategy Apple's people do every time with their product. They introduce a product in the market and will observe the response towards it. And then they evaluate and come up again with all the necessary feature in the next model. Their trick works every time, simply because its Apple!


  1. its ok sis no probs,i can manage it... so while coming india buy that for me.......

  2. Let see, by then there will be updated version of iPad which will be available in the market. I will better go for 'HP SLATE', Which has more features and yet to be released. For you, Sorry I can't hear you ;-)