Friday, May 14, 2010

The Club di Giulietta (The Juliet Club)

Here is an interesting club for people who want to talk about their love or for those who seek an advice for their love. Named after the legendary lovers Romeo and Juliet, 'The Juliet Club' is in the city of Verona, Italy. Every year some thousand letters all around the world flock into the club either requesting for an advice or telling their wonderful tales about love.

The first letter was addressed to 'Juliet, Verona' arrived in 1937 sparked by the first Hollywood movie released about her. The then curator of the Juliet tomb replied to it. But letters kept coming from then on and by 1990 the Juliet club was organized by the City of Verona which took over by answering all the mails of its most famous daughter, Juliet. The city pays the postage and the volunteer work for free. Every year on Valentines day the club awards the 'Cara Giulietta' ('Dear Juliet') prize to the best love letter received that year.

"Dear Juliet," the letters all begin.

"Dear Juliet ... You are my last hope. The woman I love more than anything in the world has left me. ..."

"Dear Juliet, I live on the third floor. My parents don't allow my boyfriend to come to my house. So I have to sneak him in. ..."

"Help me! Save me!" wrote an Italian woman whose husband had left her. "I feel suspended on a precipice. I am afraid of going mad. "Her answer came from Ettore Solimani, who was the custodian of Juliet's tomb for nearly 20 years, beginning in the 1930's. "Men have moments when they are unable to control themselves," he wrote. "Have faith ...," Mr. Solimani added later in the letter. "The day of humiliation will come for the intruder, and your husband will come back to you."

Just in case any of you need the address...

via Galilei 3 - 37100 Verona,

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet’s love story may have been fictional but many believe it happened in Verona. This city is the perfect place for this story to take place, for its middle age ambient. There are also some real references in Verona. There is a myth that the house you’re seeing is believed to be the real home of Juliet’s family and the balcony of Juliet is also for real. The building dates from the thirteenth century with the house of Capulet's, Juliet's family and it’s a major tourist attraction. If you are fortunate to visit the place, you can pretend to be Juliet and step out on the famous balcony of Juliet's house to talk to your Romeo!

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