Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Films - Are we real Fans or just caught in the Fad?

I watched the most crappiest movie of all time in this weekend. My goodness, seriously the guy who directed the movie and the actors who acted in that movie, do they have a brain to work on it? You might ask me why do I so much care, I could have stopped watching it to make it simple. Well, I continued watching it simply because I wanted to know how far this insanity will go. The height of madness is that the actor has a huge fan base and they went insane every time the actor just rolled on the floor or jumped in the air in some crappy sequences in the movie.

Honestly, what's the big deal about a movie? What is a clean film by the way? Who are the real audience? A clean and a good film has to be something which has to entertain you in some way. Either it can be a love story wherein you need to feel the love or an out and out action packed story which just shows the physical power or the mental toughness. There are way too many genres in which a film can be categorized. And an actor is someone who emulates the character from the script and delivers perfectly in front of the camera. A perfect actor is someone who could carry any kind of roles in his/her sleeve with ease. He's required to deliver what is being needed in the script rather than what he wanted to add to himself which is unnecessary.

I think its high time for us to realize that we are fooling ourselves by justifying our favorite actor's lack of performance, height of stupidity in a film. Are we so dumb to encourage such kind of films in the future too? Seriously, you could be a die hard fan to some actor but that doesn't mean you have to be so loyal to his crappiest movie of all time. This is absurd. Just look at the way the world movies are evolving. Fortunately, I have been watching some good movies in different languages and I could see the wide varieties.

Look at the world cinema, look at the world's finest creators of films, their characters, their world, their dreams, their passion which just reflects in big screen. Look at movies like Gladiator, Titanic, Avatar, Taare Zaamen par, Three Idiots, Paa, Naayagan, Anjali, Bombay, Alaipayuthey, etc. Some of them are big dreams, best technology involved, beautiful inspirations, wonderful creations and also simple real life stories.

Let us be sensible and intelligent admirers to encourage great creators to come up with beautiful films with some fine actors. Please don't allow anyone to mislead you in any way. Please don't get carried away in the name of a fan.

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