Friday, July 23, 2010


For the past four days, I loved doing an extensive reading about this grand ship. I never imagined this kind of real story she once carried on her maiden voyage, followed by her final plunge into the Atlantic. It was a surprise package with loads and loads of emotions prevailed with her. I was so fortunate to read some fabulous books on her and now I am so glad that I knew few good information about her. What a voyage she had taken in the year 1912! There was so much character, human emotions, courage as well as cowardice that happened on just one night. Reading about her was like stepping my feet onto the ship myself. And yes, I traveled with her and felt such a heart wrenching experience.

It was so intense reading for me and this luxurious ship was all I carried in my mind for the past few days. Even in my dreams I could see her images and those few brave hearts who gave a courageous fight against nature and also against fate. What if I and you all were on the ship on that night? Have we put such an unselfish act which eventually could have caused our lives? Those men and women who dealt with the cruel fate of being on the ship on that night really needs a big salute. And there certainly remains so many unanswered questions on her which will remain for each one us to wonder and only God could answer that. After all these years for being in the highlight on and off, what she's doing right now is sleeping in the heart of Atlantic, her remains barely showing the elegance she once carried, poor old lady.

Must read books on her:

Titanic - An Illustrated History by Don Lynch,

Titanic - A Journey Through Time by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas,

Titanic - The Last Great Images by Robert Ballard,

Ghosts of the Abyss - A Journey Into The Heart Of Titanic by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall.

Beautiful words put down by Robert Ballard in his book Titanic -The Last Great Images are given below:

"The interesting thing about Titanic is that you can study the story for years, learn all the facts,have it down cold, and yet still find that, every once in a while, it's hitting you all over again. Why weren't there enough lifeboats? Why didn't they slow down? What did they feel? That isn't going to go away, and people will continue to be led to the story. On a rainy afternoon, someone is going to find a decaying copy of Walter Lord's "A night to remember" on the shelves and start reading. In a hotel room somewhere, a man who can't sleep is going to flick the television at one in the morning and be drawn into the James Cameron's epic. After singing about it around the campfire, a little girl is going to start wondering why, exactly, husbands and wives and children lost their lives. Books and films may come and go; even wrecks can disappear. They just get us started. What we seek is the human story at the heart of Titanic. That will never perish."

It was indeed an incredible journey which I put forth after more than a decade of knowing her through a movie and my love for her has now deepened for better reasons. May I wish you all a very good journey which awaits in front of you and please don't miss a chance of traveling with it. May you experience a remarkable journey which broadens your vision and may you profit the wisdom from it. It could possibly happen through a short travel or a book or a new place or with new people. At the end of the day, all you prosper from it is an experience. Bon voyage!

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