Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eat Pray Love

A book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. The first time I heard about her was through her wonderful speech in She spoke on the topic "Nurturing Creativity". Realizing her amazing speech on that topic I kind of searched her profile and ended up knowing that her book Eat Pray Love is going to be made as a movie and the lead actor is going to be Julia Roberts (Wow! This was exactly my reaction at first place. My all time favorite actress). Thanks to Google wherein I could search everything and then I happened to watch the teaser of this upcoming movie. I fell in love with it and wanted desperately to read the book before the movie got released on thirteenth of this month. But it was so unfortunate that I could not able to get the book from the library right away, so I waited. Now that I got the book, already read, I would love to share about it here.

Eat Pray Love, One woman's search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. This journey which she's going to narrate is her real life travel experience in these three countries. Before her story begins, she quotes Sheryl Louise Moller's words "Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth"(which I believe in modern time is a Crime). From then, She narrates her hard time of solving her failed marriage and also a broken relationship with another person. She then gets the courage to fight and makes up her mind to travel to her most destined lands which not only does her healing process, but also throws light on various aspects of her life by finding peace, finding herself, resolving her unanswered prayers and questions and also the courage to fall in love all over again. Her unforgettable journey (in a particular year) to Italy for pleasure, India for devotion and Indonesia for balancing both pleasure and devotion.

This is one among the rare books, where the author is ready to break all the cliches of not dramatizing any bit any time. Her narration was so simple and honest process which she went through during her journey. I really really loved her sense of humor, which was very nicely placed at times and that will surely induce the reader to enjoy her narration. I was bowled over by her honesty and truth of narrating every bit she went through in her journey. From a person of a most heart breaking emotion turmoil to an amazingly new person of peace and love, a kind of transformation she was shown by some beautiful souls through her journey, I feel extremely envious on her. The kind of people she get to know, kind of advises they shower upon her, kind of love and care she gets which are so pure and unconditional, only those rare immaculate people makes this world a beautiful place.

Needless to say there are also innumerable monsters who will try to engage you in a worldly game, and before you realize they would have ran into you and ripped open your heart, crushed it, tare down the last beat of it and before you could avoid, they must have disappeared into their world leaving you behind an uncontrollable pain and despair. Beware of those monsters in your life. All I wish forever would be love and peace and these are the two words often misused in modern times. To you my readers, remember one thing in life, You need to be with a person who really deserves you and your love.

As put down by Elizabeth Gilbert herself, "Don't be afraid, Don't be daunted, Just do your job. Continue to show up your peace of it, whatever that might be. If your job is to dance, do your dance. Let your destiny take care of the rest."

I really loved this book and all I am so excited now is about the forthcoming movie Eat Pray Love which is going to be released by next week. And I am looking forward to watch Julia Robert's performance in this role. Have a look at the teaser below.

Way to go Liz! May you find more places, people, peace, love, courage and reasons to write.

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