Friday, August 20, 2010

A moment of surprise

Last year this day seemed more fun, thrill driven, happy, emotional and also a surprise moment. It was as though everything bundled into one package and delivered perfectly. I visited my native place on this day after more than a year and surprised everyone. It was a sweet surprise for everyone back there. It's nice to think of all that moment right now. Kind of funny and weird as well.

Last year, just two days before I called my Grand Ma (before my flight time) to inform her that I am going for a trip to a nearby place and I wont be calling her for couple of days (well, my day begins by talking with her no matter what) she was like damn sweet (as always) on that day wishing me to have a safe trip not knowing that she would be seeing me within two days time. For me it was like first of kind and the adventure started. Oops! I forgot to include another person in this adventure, my brother (someone who's so used to all these things, all his life). For many a time I thought I can't make it happen and felt I am not doing this and I wanted to break the surprise but it was my brother who convinced me to make it happen. And yes, it was worth it.

The flight journey seemed endless and it was unacceptably tiring for me. Eventually, I landed, met my brother and talked endlessly all night. When we headed home, we both were so excited to see our grand ma's reaction who least expected me on that morning. And when I stood in front of her with all smiles like a mischievous kid, I hugged and kissed her and that was the moment I will always cherish in my life. She was so happy and thrilled to see me on that day. Few were worried about this whole surprise thing that it might shock her because of her old age but she seemed undisturbed. Well, surprisingly that kind of shock didn't come from my granny but instead it came from my cousin sister who's just thirty plus lady. The moment she saw me she was shocked, cried, gasped, hugged me and was uncontrollable for a moment. I was bit scared to watch her and then we all made her to relax a little bit. She's the most innocent person ever on earth. My sweetest sister.

With a tiring flight journey and also Swine flu threat around the world at that time, this surprise visit was well planned, executed and was a huge success in my family. Everyone were thrilled and I am so happy about it. All credit goes to my hubby and my brother. And to all others thanks a lot for the love and care which means a lot to me. Those surprise faces are kind of funny, sweet and emotional to think about it now and forever.

Someday I would love to see such surprise faces yet again!

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