Friday, September 10, 2010

Gilmore Girls

It is an American comedy drama series centering around the relationship between a thirty something single mother and her teen daughter living in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. This TV series has seven seasons (each season has 22 episodes) and the first season went on air during October 2000, followed by six more in the consecutive years and eventually the seventh season ended during May 2007. In 2007 it was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-Time."

I enjoyed watching this program everyday (all the seven seasons telecasted again), especially the bonding between the mother Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore is just incredible. Each episode is brilliant, funny and irresistibly adorable. The relationship between Lorelai and Rory seemed like more of a sister relationship rather than a mom and a daughter, more friendly and attached. As a single mother the way Lorelai nurtures, respects her daughter's decisions, allows her all the possible freedom to go ahead in life and the way she settles their disagreement at certain time, Ladies and Gentle men, here goes the mind blowing series on a mother and a daughter relationship. You just can't simply categorize this one as "Chick Flick" and then you don't have to worry about having a box of tissues handy always while watching this series (Only fewer times, Yes!). Trust me, this is a brilliant script with lots of sarcastic comments and timely wits. I had a blast watching this show. Particularly Lorelai's sense of humor, I loved it. Apart from that every other character involved in this series is admirable. Guess what? I better know I am not going to miss this one so I already got the whole series. This is one of my favorite TV show. Best Mom & Daughter show ever.

This show brought me back the memories of watching a Tamil TV serial "Sahana" by K. Balachander in 2003. Oh God, how much I miss this one. One of the best and beautiful creation by Mr. KB Sir. I remember how much I loved watching it every night especially the beautiful acting by the mother Indhu and her daughter Sahana (Performed by Mrs. Anuradha Krishnamoorthy and Kavya Sekar respectively) Case in point: it is not between a biological mother and a daughter but between a woman and her adopted daughter. It's such a unique, touching and an excellent script which excelled in every episode (Yes! You need loads of tissues for this one). No matter how much ever I try to buy this "Sahana" series, my luck seems very bad as it is practically unavailable anywhere (Not even in the 'www', too bad). Please Mr. KB Sir, if you are ever listening to this, try to release it in a DVD and I am sure there are so many people out there who are waiting to watch it all over again. We all love your "Sahana". And if any of you have any idea of getting this series, please let me know. Pretty Please!

Oops! Sorry about the diversion and now I am back with Gilmore Girls. I could not possibly compare this one with "Sahana", both are way too different. Here in Gilmore Girls the kind of dating things and switch over from one person to another happens just like that, trust me that has never happened with the later one. The story, place, life and culture is way different from one another. And if at any time I happen to show this to my family and say that it brought me back the memories of Sahana series, I am sure they would get a heart break. So let me be sweet and save few people's heart ;-)

But instead, I would like to take it in a positive note that no matter where it's in the world or in any culture, a mother and a daughter relationship is just the same, very sweet indeed. The love, understanding and bonding with each other will remain natural and can't be replaced. Here in a particular episode in the sixth season when Rory realizes that she messed up with everything, be it from her education to being rude to her ever caring mother by leaving her alone, she comes back running to her mom one night and apologizes for all her mistakes. And as always a mother will always be a mother, sweet, lovable and unconditional. What-else could make her happy other than her kid's happiness?

Here in a particular sequence (which I love most), when Lorelai finds that she caused a rift between her boyfriend (Luke) and his ex-girlfriend (Anna) regarding their daughter(April), she meets Anna and tries to explain to her that she would not hurt their daughter anytime. Here goes the conversation...

"Anna - April is a thirteen year old girl and I always have something to worry about. I am a single mom here. I can't play fast and loose with the people in my kids life.

Lorelai - I completely understand. I am a single mom myself.

Anna - OK then you get it. I mean what if I decide she likes you, what if she becomes attached to you, and what if you become her best friend in the entire world and then one day you just disappear?

Lorelai - Well, that's not gonna happen.

Anna - You don't know that. You can't guarantee that and I can't take that chance. And when it comes to my daughter I have to have rules. Hard and fast rules.

Lorelai - And I would never dream of violating any of those rules. Believe me.

Anna - April never meets any man I date unless I dated him for years.

Lorelai - I totally get that.

Anna - I want her to have stability. April is my world..."

What can I say? I wish I was loved, cared and protected like this way as a kid (a long sigh). Somethings are just never meant to be, no matter how much we wish it could be. There will always be a part of mine which will long for maternal love all my life. Only very few knew how much I miss my mom and then only I know how much I suffer without a mother. For all of you my readers, better understand the blessing you have got. Love and listen to your mom.

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