Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rakta Charitra

A deadly Indian movie in the recent time. When I first saw the movie teaser I knew for sure that I am not the one who's going to take the trouble watching that blood shed. But somehow I did and to my surprise I loved it. I am sure some of you must have heard about it by now, if not try watching it. It's worth taking that plunge.

It's based on a real life incidence which prolonged for more than a decade in India with huge conspiracy theories. Only a film maker like Mr. Ram Gopal Varma can make it happen on big screen. Trust me, it's very difficult to bring the truth or reality to light in India. Though the people can ensure that it's a Democratic Country where people play a prominent role in this country, unfortunately the truth seems very different here. Sadly people end up being a puppet in the hands of wrong people. A media is one which should reach out to as many people as possible. But painfully here in India everything is controlled either by politicians or by some kind of support group. Mind you, it's not like America where you can see an television anchor making fun of President Obama or about a celebrity in a talk show. You can't dare imagine that in India. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Even worse there is a big hole in the Indian law system where the most wanted criminals might be walking freely with you by now. Many a times even justice was denied and the law didn't helped the deserving people. Example being Satyam Inc (now Mahandira Satyam) scam Ramalinga Raju can walk out on bail, Former telecommunication minister Raja can deny the multi-billion dollar scandal, a terrorist like Kasab in the Mumbai attack case can say that he was not even present there on that night, Common wealth games organizer can deny the allegations...The list will go on and on.

Only a media could reach out to public to certain level. Having said that, a movie like Rakta Charitra can happen only once in a blue moon in India. After watching this movie, I felt haunted by the way it was narrated. Seriously it takes a lot of courage, determination, boldness, patience and efforts to create a story like Rakta Charitra. I can dare admit it's not that simple to bring such kind of story to the Indian public. I read that Mr.Varma has done lot of work for this project to bring it on screen that includes convincing both the groups (this story is a rivalry between two groups), collecting every bit of information and also facing huge controversies. I am sure he must have risked his own life for this one movie. Hats off to him.

Please watch the two parts of the movie, not that I wanted you to do so but because you need to know what has happened around you in the past decade. It's worth the watch. Kudos to Mr. Varma. People like Mr. Varma should be given red carpet welcome for his boldness.

One thing is for sure, after watching this movie you will end up googling the character in real life, like I did. Paritala Ravindra it is!

P.S. Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddelacheruvu Suri, the prime accused in the murder of former Minister and Telugu Desam MLA Paritala Ravi, was shot dead in his car, allegedly by his own associate, Bhanu Kiran, at Navodaya Colony, Banjara Hills, here on Monday evening (Jan 3rd, 2011).

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

December is the month which will always remain close to my heart. I have very fond memories of this particular month and I am so grateful to God for that. Every year I could feel how excited I am when December approaches. Always a nice feeling with Christmas tree decorations, memories of meeting cousins, having so much fun and Santa times...

Here is something I came across recently from popular Brazilian author Paulo Coelho's blog which I have felt myself long back honestly.

There are three stages of a man’s life:
He believes in Santa Claus.
He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus
He is Santa Claus.

Never mind if you don't believe in Santa but consider being a Santa and try to help few needful kids on this special day. Let's bring some difference in their lives and let them come out, have a sneak peek of this wonderful world and may they believe in Santa.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

P.S. Thanks to the kids Architha and Aleisha for making this Christmas a very special to us.  Had a sweet opportunity of seeing them unwrapping the gifts on the Christmas morning in our home. Nice fun it was. Thank you Santa.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Layoff and lessons from it.

Before I begin I want to make it clear that my husband was not laid off (Thank God) but unfortunately he was pushed very close to that situation. Though we all expected some kind of change from his employer, something beyond the expected happened on one fine morning and all at once we were all suddenly thrown to the verge of circumstances.

One fine morning he was informed from his employer that very soon they are going to shut down the entire unit in the current location and planned to move to another location. Many were given notice to leave and few were given the option of relocation to another place. Lot of chaos, uncertainty, confusion and silence prevailed for a while. We both went through a lot of stress all through this period. Though my hubby was given the option to relocate, we understood it would not do any good sticking with the same employer and go ahead with them as the company is not competitive enough in the recent time. The remarkable "change" is not happening with them and also we could not able to see that coming in the near future too. For our own good and future prospects we have to turn down the offer of relocation. It would always be nice if everything we dream, we wish happens just like that, but as the saying goes "Nothing comes easy". Especially when you are in a foreign country, you have to be well aware of the rules and regulations otherwise you will end up leaving the country all at once.

Lots of twists, turns happened for more than a month, a very bumpy ride indeed. We both were more certain that we would not inform anything to anyone as we don't want to alarm anyone of the situation. As I always believe everything is for some good, we both understood the trends of job market at present. It turned out to be an greatest opportunity to know what will work for him in the future. After a lot of discussions, sleepless nights, silence and confusion we finally made a good decision of settling with another employer with good prospects. In the end, It's really worth the trouble and worth taking that leap.

I want to share few thoughts on this as we both went through a very rough time.

* You have to expect some unexpected situations at anytime. You have to be very careful with your finances. Make sure you set aside some money for such circumstances. Please don't ever touch that money at any cause. That will be your emergency fund.

* Especially If you are in a foreign country where your presence is numbered through your visa status, you have to be well aware of that. You have to have touch base with it at regular intervals.

* I have heard and seen people who go crazy visiting popular places, being a spend thrift, enjoying to the core in a foreign nation than in their own nation without realizing the consequences of uncertain situations. The sad part is that they would have never even thought the most amazing places in their own country but the urge to visit many places and spending comes right at once when they land in a foreign nation. For those of you, it's high time you realize your mistakes and be sensible.

* IT professionals no matter how much you earn you need to have proper discipline in spending and saving which unfortunately many lack at present.

* If you are so loyal to your company, I am sure your employer will appreciate that but make sure you see what your company's peer group is doing in the same business. You have to see where your employer stands in this competitive environment, In this fast race make sure at least your employer competes with others. Loyalty sometimes will misguide you.

* If you ever think that your employer is the most admired company in the world and that you have a very good job position with them and that they would never fail. Think again!

* In this competitive world, you have to learn and adopt to new technologies. Read as many articles or books as you can, remain updated on daily basis.

* If you are ever worried about "change", change happens all the time, only thing is that we notice it only fewer times. People who do not want to change are the ones who face the consequences in life. Change is always good.

* Please don't panic and don't make some hasty decisions at this time. Never rush up things. You should know your limitations and should know what will work and what will not work for you. Sometimes it's easy to be in a job which might pay you well enough but that mightn't be your passion. You should have the ability to differentiate between your needs and your passion.

* It's very much advisable not to let your family know about the situation (May be later, when the dust settles down). It will be like a ripple effect so better avoid it for your own good.

* Make sure you take advise from people who could understand your work and your job situation, with whom you could able to discuss about your job rather than talking with someone (even if that's from your own family or friends) who would not have any idea of your work related activities. It's very difficult to make them understand if they are unaware of your job profile. Trust me, we had that trouble.

* Slightly off the scenario, but very important to all of us. You will come across some very nice people and worst people during this time. In simple term, you will know who is your real friend! With more competition ahead, it will be like a rat race so expect some selfish people on the track.

 * To the family members, this person needs your support during this difficult time. Please don't see this issue with the magnifying glass. Encouragement and patience are highly appreciated at this hour.

To my reader, If you are ever faced with such a situation (heaven forbid), may you have the courage to fight back and may you have the strength to pass this phase as it is is not the end but a new beginning. Never ever try to settle down for less than your dreams. Follow your heart. May your passion drive you to become what you want to be. My best wishes to you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

An ardent Apple fan

Couple of years before I woke up in the morning and was glancing the daily newspaper (trust me, in a remote place in this globe) and there was a small column in the front page showing a photograph of people queuing from midnight to buy an Apple product (iPhone I guess). I wondered what's the big fuss is all about it. Have I known on that morning at least that someday I would be one among those fanatics in future? Certainly not. And here I am wishing for an update from Apple Inc or any technology news column to know about the upcoming and most anticipated second generation iPad. Only this topic interest me nowadays.

Before, I had no idea what an Apple product is all about. In fact when few people mistakenly introduced a "music player" saying that as an "iPod" I used that term until my hubby corrected me few years back. No technology news interested me, not that I know of. Only cellphones interested me much and that too for a while. But now I have been following few technology news, everyday I wanted to know more about them. It's kind of fun when it gets into your dreams too. And yes I saw iPad 2 in my dream ;-)

I don't mind being an "apple fan boy" (a fan girl as a matter of fact), as long as Steve Jobs comes with more and more wonderful products I am totally fine with it. You should see few videos of him explaining about his products, you will realize what an amazing talent hub he has got. The way he introduce his products and the way he comes up with some incredible ideas, it's just amazing to watch. And true that sometimes he goes little further and seems little arrogant though.

The whole universe awaits every time for at least to know a small hint about his products and they just go crazy for his new technology. No matter how much some try to "copy" his technology unfortunately few fail while some excel in his own route and gain the customer base.

Its so nice to go every time to an apple store and have a look at all the products. And I am already saving money to get that recent addiction of mine, iPad 2. Hopefully it will not disappoint me. My love and addiction has gone to a level that only last evening I checked out a book from the library, " iPad for Dummies"! Crazy isn't? I know, will sure get to know more about it pretty soon.

My hubby is the person I should thank for introducing me to new technologies especially mobile platforms. Now that he has changed his job very lately, I would be the happiest person in the world if he works for "Apple Inc" someday. Apple Inc hold on that seat for him please, he sure is less interested for it now though :-(  I believe it will change.

"An Apple a day keeps Everything Away! " Can't wait to see the iPad 2 (that would be my first Apple product. It's about time). Steve Jobs, may you have a very good health especially a beautiful brain to come up with new ideas, may you have an awesome team to revolutionize innovative products (but no arrogance please). Bring it on Apple. Let's create magic.

P.S - Between, I have made up mind not to buy the recent iPod touch or the first generation iPad as I can "manage" to wait for the latest one as it could be out very soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My absence

A lot has happened in the past month and I preferred to remain silent. And no, I didn't stop blogging and hopefully I won't stop it in the near future too. Yes, fewer times I looked at my own blog myself which lied lifeless and I only wished to give a soul but could not help it. Few kind people asked me for not blogging while few wondered to themselves and never stopped looking for an update. Thank you guys for that. And that comes from the bottom of my heart.

It's been a real turnaround for us, a whirlwind I should say. So much has happened so fast and now by looking back I realize it all happened in a short span of life. We only wished we could have the same level of heart and brain to react to it. For some reason I don't want to blog about "other things" just to make this space filled with "stuffs" to make it interesting. I don't want to fool myself. This space has become my mirror and a diary and someday I would love to read this to know how far I walked in life. And exactly at that time I have to realize this empty space of not blogging and a reason for that. A serious lesson of life for me and to all others is "No matter how high we all go, we have to be aware of the depth of falling and the consequences following it and if we have fallen we have to have the incredible courage to rise up all over again." May you all have the amazing strength to rise, walk or even better 'run' in life for a good cause.

There was one time I was going through a very bad phase and someone I value much in my life assured me that I will be alright soon which seemed ridiculous for me. She assured and told me these beautiful words  "This too shall pass" which I doubted then but by looking back now, she was unbelievably correct about that. Thank you Nihila Ka, you really don't know how much change that has brought in me.

This is for you, my readers and to me as well, when was the last time you felt "that's it" about life? yesterday? a day before? or a year before? Now see for yourself how far you have come (even if it was only a day). Life is too short people, we really don't know what's ahead for us the very next day. All I wanted to say now is, we all deserve to give a tough fight against any hurdle that we are drawn into life. And lets face it. And if life mishandles you, do remember "This too shall pass". Everything has some reason and is for some good.

All is well with you and with me always and always... And now do I have to say like a celebrity style,"I am Back"? (to blogging) ;-)