Friday, December 17, 2010

An ardent Apple fan

Couple of years before I woke up in the morning and was glancing the daily newspaper (trust me, in a remote place in this globe) and there was a small column in the front page showing a photograph of people queuing from midnight to buy an Apple product (iPhone I guess). I wondered what's the big fuss is all about it. Have I known on that morning at least that someday I would be one among those fanatics in future? Certainly not. And here I am wishing for an update from Apple Inc or any technology news column to know about the upcoming and most anticipated second generation iPad. Only this topic interest me nowadays.

Before, I had no idea what an Apple product is all about. In fact when few people mistakenly introduced a "music player" saying that as an "iPod" I used that term until my hubby corrected me few years back. No technology news interested me, not that I know of. Only cellphones interested me much and that too for a while. But now I have been following few technology news, everyday I wanted to know more about them. It's kind of fun when it gets into your dreams too. And yes I saw iPad 2 in my dream ;-)

I don't mind being an "apple fan boy" (a fan girl as a matter of fact), as long as Steve Jobs comes with more and more wonderful products I am totally fine with it. You should see few videos of him explaining about his products, you will realize what an amazing talent hub he has got. The way he introduce his products and the way he comes up with some incredible ideas, it's just amazing to watch. And true that sometimes he goes little further and seems little arrogant though.

The whole universe awaits every time for at least to know a small hint about his products and they just go crazy for his new technology. No matter how much some try to "copy" his technology unfortunately few fail while some excel in his own route and gain the customer base.

Its so nice to go every time to an apple store and have a look at all the products. And I am already saving money to get that recent addiction of mine, iPad 2. Hopefully it will not disappoint me. My love and addiction has gone to a level that only last evening I checked out a book from the library, " iPad for Dummies"! Crazy isn't? I know, will sure get to know more about it pretty soon.

My hubby is the person I should thank for introducing me to new technologies especially mobile platforms. Now that he has changed his job very lately, I would be the happiest person in the world if he works for "Apple Inc" someday. Apple Inc hold on that seat for him please, he sure is less interested for it now though :-(  I believe it will change.

"An Apple a day keeps Everything Away! " Can't wait to see the iPad 2 (that would be my first Apple product. It's about time). Steve Jobs, may you have a very good health especially a beautiful brain to come up with new ideas, may you have an awesome team to revolutionize innovative products (but no arrogance please). Bring it on Apple. Let's create magic.

P.S - Between, I have made up mind not to buy the recent iPod touch or the first generation iPad as I can "manage" to wait for the latest one as it could be out very soon.

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