Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My absence

A lot has happened in the past month and I preferred to remain silent. And no, I didn't stop blogging and hopefully I won't stop it in the near future too. Yes, fewer times I looked at my own blog myself which lied lifeless and I only wished to give a soul but could not help it. Few kind people asked me for not blogging while few wondered to themselves and never stopped looking for an update. Thank you guys for that. And that comes from the bottom of my heart.

It's been a real turnaround for us, a whirlwind I should say. So much has happened so fast and now by looking back I realize it all happened in a short span of life. We only wished we could have the same level of heart and brain to react to it. For some reason I don't want to blog about "other things" just to make this space filled with "stuffs" to make it interesting. I don't want to fool myself. This space has become my mirror and a diary and someday I would love to read this to know how far I walked in life. And exactly at that time I have to realize this empty space of not blogging and a reason for that. A serious lesson of life for me and to all others is "No matter how high we all go, we have to be aware of the depth of falling and the consequences following it and if we have fallen we have to have the incredible courage to rise up all over again." May you all have the amazing strength to rise, walk or even better 'run' in life for a good cause.

There was one time I was going through a very bad phase and someone I value much in my life assured me that I will be alright soon which seemed ridiculous for me. She assured and told me these beautiful words  "This too shall pass" which I doubted then but by looking back now, she was unbelievably correct about that. Thank you Nihila Ka, you really don't know how much change that has brought in me.

This is for you, my readers and to me as well, when was the last time you felt "that's it" about life? yesterday? a day before? or a year before? Now see for yourself how far you have come (even if it was only a day). Life is too short people, we really don't know what's ahead for us the very next day. All I wanted to say now is, we all deserve to give a tough fight against any hurdle that we are drawn into life. And lets face it. And if life mishandles you, do remember "This too shall pass". Everything has some reason and is for some good.

All is well with you and with me always and always... And now do I have to say like a celebrity style,"I am Back"? (to blogging) ;-)

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