Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rakta Charitra

A deadly Indian movie in the recent time. When I first saw the movie teaser I knew for sure that I am not the one who's going to take the trouble watching that blood shed. But somehow I did and to my surprise I loved it. I am sure some of you must have heard about it by now, if not try watching it. It's worth taking that plunge.

It's based on a real life incidence which prolonged for more than a decade in India with huge conspiracy theories. Only a film maker like Mr. Ram Gopal Varma can make it happen on big screen. Trust me, it's very difficult to bring the truth or reality to light in India. Though the people can ensure that it's a Democratic Country where people play a prominent role in this country, unfortunately the truth seems very different here. Sadly people end up being a puppet in the hands of wrong people. A media is one which should reach out to as many people as possible. But painfully here in India everything is controlled either by politicians or by some kind of support group. Mind you, it's not like America where you can see an television anchor making fun of President Obama or about a celebrity in a talk show. You can't dare imagine that in India. Not even in your wildest dreams.

Even worse there is a big hole in the Indian law system where the most wanted criminals might be walking freely with you by now. Many a times even justice was denied and the law didn't helped the deserving people. Example being Satyam Inc (now Mahandira Satyam) scam Ramalinga Raju can walk out on bail, Former telecommunication minister Raja can deny the multi-billion dollar scandal, a terrorist like Kasab in the Mumbai attack case can say that he was not even present there on that night, Common wealth games organizer can deny the allegations...The list will go on and on.

Only a media could reach out to public to certain level. Having said that, a movie like Rakta Charitra can happen only once in a blue moon in India. After watching this movie, I felt haunted by the way it was narrated. Seriously it takes a lot of courage, determination, boldness, patience and efforts to create a story like Rakta Charitra. I can dare admit it's not that simple to bring such kind of story to the Indian public. I read that Mr.Varma has done lot of work for this project to bring it on screen that includes convincing both the groups (this story is a rivalry between two groups), collecting every bit of information and also facing huge controversies. I am sure he must have risked his own life for this one movie. Hats off to him.

Please watch the two parts of the movie, not that I wanted you to do so but because you need to know what has happened around you in the past decade. It's worth the watch. Kudos to Mr. Varma. People like Mr. Varma should be given red carpet welcome for his boldness.

One thing is for sure, after watching this movie you will end up googling the character in real life, like I did. Paritala Ravindra it is!

P.S. Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy alias Maddelacheruvu Suri, the prime accused in the murder of former Minister and Telugu Desam MLA Paritala Ravi, was shot dead in his car, allegedly by his own associate, Bhanu Kiran, at Navodaya Colony, Banjara Hills, here on Monday evening (Jan 3rd, 2011).

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