Monday, January 24, 2011

An envious message

Here is an interesting message I came across through a social networking site.

"Waking up to so much love from the parents, as every day. Having those 'what have I done for them' moments. Grateful, humbled and happy! 
Dad makes coffee 5 mins before I get up, it's a tussle between mom and dad to make the coffee. Mild and healthy vs. strong and tasty.
And then dad will want to know where the coffee should go; the computer table, writing desk, the den or on the dining table :)

Before I begin with anything I want to apologize first, extremely sorry Shilpa, I don't know you and you don't know me but thanks to the technology the world has become smaller and somehow I had an opportunity to know you a bit if not better. I am so sorry for taking your messages and using it in my blog, I know it's totally wrong but trust me, I have absolutely no intention of stealing your words but I have to admit honestly that my high intention would be stealing your place in first place though. Seriously, is there a chance that I could be adopted by your parents? Well, if only you don't mind. How I wish I were you Shilpa (Sigh). Anyways forgive me for using your words here in my blog. I hope you will understand my intention. It's really very nice knowing you through the web world and then hey you have got an amazing sense of humor and for that I would love to meet you sometime and want to shake hands with you if our legs crossed each other in this life. Let's see how our life goes.

All I know about this person is that she is a writer. And when I first saw her messages my first thoughts were what an incredible gift that this girl has got, and secondly of course is the feeling of envy towards her. Nothing in this world makes me feel envious other than someone telling me how good their parents are to them. Every time I hear or see I understand God was really very cruel to me in that case.

Each child born in this world deserves nice parents and a good family environment. No one is born bad or a born criminal, it's only how they are made to become later in their life. A good parenting is a gift that I wish every child should receive and unwrap it early in their life. I think the most disturbing kids lack such unconditional love and guidance that's why their paths are often misleading or uncontrollable. Yes, I have seen that in me and with others too.

I believe each child is like a clay (I mean it in a right way, please don't get offended) in the hands of parents, family or an environment where some are magnificently decorated to showcase the fine talent of craftsmanship while others remain poorly untouched. I also saw another message from a girl who happily admits that her mom is her Guru and she is a single parent. Sometimes it's good to remain content with what we have rather than to seek. Only when you seek you land in trouble or at least that is what has happened to me. If you would ask me it is good either being parent less or being in the hands of good parents, staying in the middle of these two is no good. It's devastating to our own self with such oscillation.

And to parents, your unconditional love is beyond expressible, your guidance is highly appreciated but please don't get into our heads and tell us what to dream or what to become. With unconditional love, proper guidance and with right freedom every child will come out with flying colors. Please don't encircle yourself and your child with a particular set of rules and tighten your grip, there is so much to dream, so much to see and so much to do in life. Please broaden your vision and your thinking. You know, whenever I see or read about successful people (in any field) I could see their family or people who stood behind them and played a prominent role in their life. Amazing support that is.

There is a dialogue from the movie Gladiator that comes to my mind by writing this post, "Your faults as a son is my failure as a father" which I agree the most.

Happy Parenting.

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