Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Silence, a language of God. Amazing it is, as you could feel its presence only in fewer places like in a temple, church, mosque or any worshiping place. I am given to understand that our vibrations in these places are way different, so much calmness as our searches goes inside rather than outside, our awareness to the outer world diminishes drastically.

I wish I realized this amazing language long back in which words did not exists between people while thoughts prevailed to oneself. As a kid this language haunted me and only I knew how much I suffered. I called it loneliness, depression, unloving then. Result of which I searched love madly, crazily and hurted myself deeply. Whenever I felt I am silent inside I searched something outside that is when I hurted myself too much. Only that scare made me realize what sort of pain I went through in the course of searching. I wish I remained silent and searched myself inside rather than outside.

Given that wonderful opportunity right now, I have learnt the art of being silent and I should admit never ever I was happy like this before, a very satisfying and content feeling inside. The travel I take inside myself every moment is very interesting, brings such energizing calmness inside, relief from the outer world, even better gets me into debate with myself and guides me at certain point. Sometimes it's like a prayer, such peace and at times it's like chasing ghost inside me, such rigor. No matter what I am searching, I am glad that I do that inside rather outside. The more deeper I go inside, the more doors I bang open and more clearer it gets, I mean my path. With that I realized nothing much matters in the world than satisfying your inner needs which is selfless and unconditional. Thinking of selfless feeling, a new dream evolved in the back of my mind lately and I hope I will go ahead with that from here on.

No place in this world is as ecstatic as your own mind. Silence is a bliss and as I said earlier it is an amazing language of god so travel inside yourself whenever you are ready. May silence prevail in each one of us. We need such stillness often in our lives to understand the meaning of life.

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