Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No one killed Jessica

A movie I watched this weekend and realized the power of media in India. This is a true story of a girl's murder by an Indian politician's son and with power they fabricated the evidences and as he walked out free of any charge that's when the media jumped to the driving seat and took the story to the next level. This is the very reason I want media to act promptly to bring the truth to the public. Media plays a prominent role to bring such incidences to public and to help unveil the truth so that people behind such crime should be brought to justice.

Many a times we don't seem to understand that what had happened to this girl (Jessica Lal) might happen to any of us if we don't show these people a lesson. As the whole Indian cinema in general is looked as Bollywood alone for any outsiders, it's high time Bollywood has to come up with more such stories, more bold stories so that many faces of India comes to limelight and for also it could pay way to other Indian regions to come up with more true stories. Many thanks to Tehelka and NDTV for bringing this shameful act of an Indian politician and his so called damn power. It took 18 days to bring freedom in Egypt, if they could do it I am sure Indian people could teach these politician a hard lesson. Could India create another freedom fight against it's own people? India certainly needs some kind of revolution against these political leaders and their dirty corruption. It's getting very ugly day by day.

Go watch the movie if you want the version of this story in big screen or else watch the real version in youtube, you will know how they bribed and fabricated the evidences initially.

RIP Jessica.

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