Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This isn't fair Mr.Steve Jobs

Hi Mr. Jobs,

Hope everything is fine at your end. I am kind of sad as I still could not able to find your iPad 2 anywhere Steve. As you knew and we all knew we expected a huge crowd on the day of your tablet release. There were reports that people camped outside in few apple stores for days before, to get their first hands on the device. How nice! And then there was another report about a lady who camped outside the New York apple store for couple of days and sold her first spot to a man for a ransom of $900! Wow, What an idea!

Apart from your apple store, you have informed that your product will also be available in other retail stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart exactly the same time on the same day. But shockingly they only had very few, in fact countable numbers with them and which sold out within few minutes. Then when inquired in your own apple store and other retailers they didn't have any idea when the next batch of your iPad 2 will be available. Remember how much you boasted during the iPad 2 event that the first generation iPad sold about 15 million tablets within 9 months time frame, taking that into account are you not aware of the demand for your iPad 2 on the first day of its release? Keeping in mind of the great track record of how crazy apple fans are when it comes to the release date of most of your lovable products (iPods, iPod Touchs, iPhones & iPad).

Then comes the online ordering from your apple store for iPad 2. At first the shipping days showed 2-3 days, then within few minutes it showed 3-5 days, then after sometime it slipped to 2-3 weeks. At this time as I type it is showing 4-5 weeks! It's disappointing to notice that despite the expected demand and its popularity, this gadget seemed to be out of reach for another month.

Do you feel intimidated by the growing speed of Google's Android, Mr. Jobs? Have you started noticing the Android's threat already? As your product cycle used to be one year, what made you to rush up for the March iPad event as it has to be during April? Then your pricing for the iPad 2 is very shocking. Apple is very famous for its over priced products and now suddenly you haven't increased your iPad 2's price. Happened to read an article yesterday about your iPad 2's components and I noticed that the enhanced components cost you more which ultimately reduces the profit margin of your gadgets. You have never compromised for anything, why suddenly now? You better know even if you have increased the price by $100, people would still be buying it but you didn't, why? And then forgot to ask you this, Are you disappointed to notice that there wasn't much crowd (like it used to be) for Verizon's iPhone 4 release a couple of months back? So you are really pissed off by this one incident and that's why you want us to wait in line everyday in front of your apple store to have your iPad 2? Are you trying to create an "artificial demand" for your product? And then did you check Ebay, some morons are bidding a new iPad 2 for $200,000! Bingo! See the price of your single gadget, amazing right?

Call me a person of very little knowledge, in a sense it's true, but I have never seen or heard about any product getting this much attention. A kind request to you Mr Jobs, You have got an amazing company, a wonderful product line up, a fine talent hub and a greatest CEO a company could ask for and that being you, Mr. Jobs. I still believe that you are such a visionary to bring the simplicity to every customer in every product of yours. No matter how crazy some of your fans are, myself included, you have earned it and you deserve each one of them. Please don't disappoint us and please don't behave like others. You are so different from others and your products are always used to be well ahead of its time. We all love your Apple Inc as much as you do!

Can't wait to hold your iPad 2. I have waited this long to know about you and your products and I can wait for some more time. I love Apple Inc and I am sticking with you, Sir.

Take good care of your health Mr. Jobs.


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