Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iTouched, iLoved & iOwn an iPad now

Eventually the day has come for me to have this beautiful gadget in my hands and not to worry about anything else at least for now. After a long wait, anticipation, excitement and thrill this super smart gadget reached home and I have been playing with it for couple of days. Whatte a device! Pure simplicity in your hands.

First to begin with, a good applause should go to Mr.Jonathan Ive, the principle designer for the apple products. He is seriously a magician when it comes to look and feel of the iPad. Beautiful would definitely be an understatement. Simply spectacular. And then comes the user interface, amazing it is. I have been "busy" lately because of iPad. Very smooth, responsive and also shows simplicity in every use. No wonder it is the most hipped and most sorted device at current scenario.

Then comes the applications for iPad, which simply is called apps. I would dare say iPad is nothing without apps. The kind of apps you will find in the app store I am sure it will blow your mind, very vast collection indeed. I must have download some 50 plus apps within few days of using it and I am so happy and glad that each app comes with such generous usage and uniqueness. At present there is no comparison for the app category from any of its competitors, Apple's iPad is well ahead of all others in this category. And the main point is it's not mostly the name sake apps, most of them are really very useful apps which brings simplicity that a tablet PC should have. No complications at all while using it. Starting from browsing, reading books, playing games, incredible battery life of over 10 hours and exploring the amazing apps specifically designed for iPad, this is one great gadget you have to consider having it.

I have seen Google's Android tablets, used for sometime and checked it again to have an idea and to do little comparison. Honestly there is no "wow" factor in there. Google has to do something about this. No matter how hard some of the manufacturers try they could not compete when it comes to software. When browsing in the Android tablet many times I have had trouble browsing it, most of the times the browser crashed pathetically. And then when it comes to apps, yes there are some good apps In Android market I agree but you really have to search and find such apps. The vast category of apps is missing in Android market and of course this is as of now, I am sure it is evolving. No matter how much they beat their heart out and tell customers what they have got, it's high time they really should show what specialties they have got which ultimately differentiates them from iPad. In simple term, they should not try to copy the iPad features. They should come up with different ideas.

Of course there is not all "right" aspects in iPad, first comes the crappy cameras. Not even a single mega pixel camera, really? Come on Mr. Jobs. Lately, there is not any popular gadget which at least comes without a single mega pixel camera. Of course you don't need a super cool camera for a device like this because it is odd to hold and capture images or video. But not even a single mega pixel camera for video chatting through Facetime? It's a bummer. Given the fact that the reviews of camera for the fourth generation iPod touch was very bad, Apple must have at least provided a decent camera for this very popular universal gadget. And then we all will miss the Flash Player for this wonderful tablet, which other platforms have the edge over it. Luckily some of the popular websites are adopting to iPad compatibility apps but still there are tons of websites which deliberately need Flash player. We all will miss Flash for sure. And then Apple's iOS is often criticized for being such a closed platform which is not like it's peer. Downloading files and organizing it are very easy when it comes to other devices which is not so in iPad. But then if you really want to go with a leader, you have to follow the rules and restrictions, no other go.

For some certain reasons, at present Apple's iPad is the market leader when it comes to tablet market is concerned. For any naysayers just the volume of shipping and demand for the product clearly shows the truth and I don't have to argue with it. If Google's Android is going to compete, it really has to show some unique features, fix a lot of issues in its software and more importantly it has to bring the "Aha" feature if not the "wow" feature. A lot to work and show us something special Mr.Android. And for some hardware manufacturers please don't brag about the same old song, "You can see flash contents, you can have great cameras in our tablets". Serious question to you all is despite the drawback why iPad is still in the winning streak. Better find the answer and bring it more in your tablets. As customers we would love to have more varieties in any product category, we would always give green signal for the competition and all we expect is some unique features not just the mere imitators who boast about how well they could polish the old shoes. Please show us something new.

Tablet PCs are getting better and better each day. Take any technology news and you will find many new tablets on its way in the current situation. Probably by this year end you might end up with more number of tablets than you ever imagined. Every company has jumped into the tablet bandwagon and the laptop sales are going south wards. After having iPad for a short while I have to admit that I haven't touched my Macbook Pro that much which is surprising for me. But that's me. It all depends on your use. If you are not into any serious laptop oriented work like programing and other stuffs, I am sure tablet is right for you. And a serious thing to consider is which tablet is right for you before you buy it. To put it simple, you have to decide whether you want to go with a leader or a follower in this regard. iPad is definitely the leader and no doubt about it while others just fall into the category of being the followers. And then this scenario is as of now and things might and should change, as a consumer we would all love the heavy competition.

Competition - Hands down its iPad now. iPad is "The Tablet" and Steve Jobs is the Emperor. iPad's simplicity, fantastic design, amazing apps clearly makes it a market leader. And if anyone thinking of buying a tablet, you owe yourself time to have a look at iPad. And I am sure you will thank me later for that suggestion. Please go with iPad if you don't really need a laptop or wait some more time to enjoy the heavy competition right ahead with other tablet manufacturers and also with Google's Android to get it's feet rightly in. 

I am so glad I waited this long to jump into this amazing gadget. After a lot of anticipation, excitement and also some disappointment (as I could not get it on first day of its launch), it perfectly landed in my hands on May 17th and I am rightly on track with the technology leader.

iLove my iPad. And I typed this post from my iPad :-)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking time

Okay, getting back to my blog. Hmm it took this long to get back again. No specific reason to avoid blogging though. But Interesting is that I received couple of comments during this time frame which ultimately made me feel guilty. There has to be at times, at frequent intervals you really have to see or check yourself for what you are doing, I would call this time as such. Just felt like I want to sit back and see what I have been doing for sometime, and it was really worth a try. For a good change I wish I can do better cooking so that I can blog and post recipes, seriously there are several blogs out there which are very useful. Not only recipes, every other topics. Amazing and useful blogs I come across in all topics. I wish I had that talent. Sigh.

We moved to a new place, especially to a beautiful apartment community which I fell in love from the moment I stepped in. And I keep patting myself for selecting this one. Whatte a beautiful landscape we have got here in this apartment complex. This is one of the times I really feel happy living in US and the previous apartment was a crap in all terms. And coming to Texas, we seem to be sticking with this state for a quite a long and looks like it doesn't like the idea of us leaving the place. Now I want to go back to refresh my memory, only few months before life was pretty harsh on us, lot of uncertainties, lot of chaos, lot of silence, lot of turmoil. And in the end we survived and as some say there has to be some reason. I am so glad everything is fine now.

As a cricket fan, I enjoyed, cheered, shouted and loved every moment watching World Cup matches and elated would be an understatement as our team won the precious cup. Well deserved win, Team India.

As I posted previously my new love, Macbook Pro is getting better and better each day. Amazing innovation Mr. Steve Jobs. Just love it. I could not take my hands off from it and interestingly iPad 2 is on its way home which sure will make me more entertained soon.

Then comes the breaking news of death of Osama Bin Laden, the entire world was relieved finally. And an era of cruelty and revenge came to an end eventually. Nice to read this from somewhere, "Obama Got Osama". Well executed plan, Mr. President. There was this unique front cover page in Time magazine after the death of Adolf Hitler and now after all these years there was a similar one for this man, Osama Bin Laden, the name alone will tell lot of blood shed tales. Reminded me of a time when I read about him through a small book and when I finished I only thought all his talent was channelized for a wrong and disastrous thought. I was watching a repeated program about 9/11 attacks in National Geographical Channel and was thinking what could be the reason to make such a heart wrenching attack in the heart of US. What made this man to bring such adversity to Americans? I have few books to read about him. Sure will read soon. Between, Don't ever mess with America!

And here comes the latest election news from Tamilnadu, before that a quick remembrance from the past. During 1996 election, the most popular, the most talented, the most humble man from the acting field who is popularly called as "The Super Star" came on a popular television channel and requested people of Tamilnadu to wake up for good and get away from the current ruling party. I could still recollect his words as it created lot of uproar at that time. He still remains the most sought actor and the most popular personality. At that time the ruling party was under scrutiny for which the leader was a bright lady who acted as a "Royal Queen" by wasting lot of people's money lavishly. There were lot of reports, news, criticism circulating around at that time, which sure set the alarm for the people of Tamilnadu. Fast forward to this time, the present ruling party which consists mainly of one family created so much stir in the entire nation right now. There were reports of major corruption which came to limelight and the entire nation stood united to fight against it. I was so ashamed to read an article in The New York Times about a major corruption which this whole family seeded and executed shamelessly. The whole scam was a shame to the entire country which was carried out by this disgusting family group who are the leaders. Interestingly this time, this actor didn't give any voice for the current situation as he did during 1996 election though this scam was a remarkable dent not only to a particular state and also to the entire nation. And more interesting it gets as this particular party which used this actor for voicing for their party during 1996 elections has now (May 2011) spreading rumors that this actor is dead making sure to divert their worst failure in the current election. These people should be taught a lesson. And here comes the election result, well played People of Tamilnadu. That's a nice and silent fight you could show to such people, no wonder we all belong to Mahatma Gandhi's "Ahimsa" philosophy. The way you showed them, simply superb, I loved it. To our new Chief Minister, Whatte a courageous Lady, bring on some light please. We sure had been in darkness for quite a long time.