Monday, May 16, 2011

Taking time

Okay, getting back to my blog. Hmm it took this long to get back again. No specific reason to avoid blogging though. But Interesting is that I received couple of comments during this time frame which ultimately made me feel guilty. There has to be at times, at frequent intervals you really have to see or check yourself for what you are doing, I would call this time as such. Just felt like I want to sit back and see what I have been doing for sometime, and it was really worth a try. For a good change I wish I can do better cooking so that I can blog and post recipes, seriously there are several blogs out there which are very useful. Not only recipes, every other topics. Amazing and useful blogs I come across in all topics. I wish I had that talent. Sigh.

We moved to a new place, especially to a beautiful apartment community which I fell in love from the moment I stepped in. And I keep patting myself for selecting this one. Whatte a beautiful landscape we have got here in this apartment complex. This is one of the times I really feel happy living in US and the previous apartment was a crap in all terms. And coming to Texas, we seem to be sticking with this state for a quite a long and looks like it doesn't like the idea of us leaving the place. Now I want to go back to refresh my memory, only few months before life was pretty harsh on us, lot of uncertainties, lot of chaos, lot of silence, lot of turmoil. And in the end we survived and as some say there has to be some reason. I am so glad everything is fine now.

As a cricket fan, I enjoyed, cheered, shouted and loved every moment watching World Cup matches and elated would be an understatement as our team won the precious cup. Well deserved win, Team India.

As I posted previously my new love, Macbook Pro is getting better and better each day. Amazing innovation Mr. Steve Jobs. Just love it. I could not take my hands off from it and interestingly iPad 2 is on its way home which sure will make me more entertained soon.

Then comes the breaking news of death of Osama Bin Laden, the entire world was relieved finally. And an era of cruelty and revenge came to an end eventually. Nice to read this from somewhere, "Obama Got Osama". Well executed plan, Mr. President. There was this unique front cover page in Time magazine after the death of Adolf Hitler and now after all these years there was a similar one for this man, Osama Bin Laden, the name alone will tell lot of blood shed tales. Reminded me of a time when I read about him through a small book and when I finished I only thought all his talent was channelized for a wrong and disastrous thought. I was watching a repeated program about 9/11 attacks in National Geographical Channel and was thinking what could be the reason to make such a heart wrenching attack in the heart of US. What made this man to bring such adversity to Americans? I have few books to read about him. Sure will read soon. Between, Don't ever mess with America!

And here comes the latest election news from Tamilnadu, before that a quick remembrance from the past. During 1996 election, the most popular, the most talented, the most humble man from the acting field who is popularly called as "The Super Star" came on a popular television channel and requested people of Tamilnadu to wake up for good and get away from the current ruling party. I could still recollect his words as it created lot of uproar at that time. He still remains the most sought actor and the most popular personality. At that time the ruling party was under scrutiny for which the leader was a bright lady who acted as a "Royal Queen" by wasting lot of people's money lavishly. There were lot of reports, news, criticism circulating around at that time, which sure set the alarm for the people of Tamilnadu. Fast forward to this time, the present ruling party which consists mainly of one family created so much stir in the entire nation right now. There were reports of major corruption which came to limelight and the entire nation stood united to fight against it. I was so ashamed to read an article in The New York Times about a major corruption which this whole family seeded and executed shamelessly. The whole scam was a shame to the entire country which was carried out by this disgusting family group who are the leaders. Interestingly this time, this actor didn't give any voice for the current situation as he did during 1996 election though this scam was a remarkable dent not only to a particular state and also to the entire nation. And more interesting it gets as this particular party which used this actor for voicing for their party during 1996 elections has now (May 2011) spreading rumors that this actor is dead making sure to divert their worst failure in the current election. These people should be taught a lesson. And here comes the election result, well played People of Tamilnadu. That's a nice and silent fight you could show to such people, no wonder we all belong to Mahatma Gandhi's "Ahimsa" philosophy. The way you showed them, simply superb, I loved it. To our new Chief Minister, Whatte a courageous Lady, bring on some light please. We sure had been in darkness for quite a long time.

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