Monday, January 25, 2010

Fulfilling Weekend!

I went to a birthday party and met some really nice group of people with their beautiful kids. Its so nice to meet people in this country that too our own Indian people and have some fun. Gathering like this didn't happen too often though we talk over phone and keep in touch. Everyone will be busy on weekdays and then every weekend passes by being so lazy!

Its so good to be part of this group of friends. Huh... after some two months or so I really met some group of people, had a good time laughing and was teasing each other and then forgot to include we all ate together...More than us it was kids who were all around and they enjoyed and played well.

First time I attended a birthday party here in US and I saw some real face painting! Not only the kids, all their parents loved to have their face painted...Its was fun...Of course we both didn't do that but enjoyed watching others have that on their faces! The American girl who did those paintings is so good at it. Her work was so unique which reflected in every one's faces.

There was this particular kid named Samay must be around seven years old, within few minutes I entered the hall he came behind me and kind of did some cute things to scare me of his face painting which was Shark! It was so well painted on his face and it looked so good on him. He kept coming to me in the party and was doing all the funny things... Very cute kid...I loved him. He must be a Shark lover! He enjoyed so much that he had shark on his face. And when the turn came to all the kids to pick a balloon of their choice he was spontaneous asking for Shark! Then the same American girl who was so good at making different balloons placed his 'own' shark on his hand.. he loved it!

For Samay, may your love for Sharks grow much fonder and my special wishes are with you. Thank you so much for being so sweet to me. I really enjoyed your funny faces and your actions! And to all other kids Arya, Drithi, Krish, few other kids (I am sorry I missed your names) and especially the birthday boy, Saurya, May you all be so happy in life and always carry that beautiful smile on your faces! No need to say Kids are always Angels!

When I stepped out of the hall I could only smile thinking of the wonderful time I just had. I can't ask for more other than being with some real people in my life....Very Satisfying!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Orion constellation

This is the exact name for the three stars in a row which is very bright and easily visible through our eyes in the night sky. I always loved these three stars from my childhood. I used to admire it so much and always felt myself much attracted to these three stars. I really don't know the reason for that admiration. Sometimes it happens in life that you fall in love with someone or something without any reason.

I have fallen in love with these three stars so much so I named them as 'I Love You Stars'! For so many years I felt that there is someone out there in these stars giving me love. And there are innumerable nights I felt that I saw my Mom in it and I whispered I love you to her. For there is a deep connection with it, I sometimes looked up in the sky and find myself talking to it! And I always felt very romantic to show them to my loved ones. I honestly believe that these three stars hold so much life and love for me.

I always felt them to be so cute and told several people about it. For those of you out there I hope you remember me showing these stars thousand times. I came to know about its exact name very lately. And I stand corrected!

But for me it will always be my very own sweet 'I Love You Stars!' And all the sweet things follows with it!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Pongal!

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal. As always Pongal is one special festival which is always good to me just because my birthday falls on this day :-) It brings so many smiles on my face every time someone calls and wishes me. Though I am not a big fan of celebrating my birthday, somehow I realized that this day is very special to me in every year. Friends, family, special ones and my so sweet little cousins call me and wish me on this day. It feels great.

Oh yeah, then there are so many people who would ask me what's the color on my horn for this year! Since I was born on this great 'Maattu pongal' day and then I answer them picking different color each year...

Thinking of the best gifts I received on this day for all these years, I very much remember when I was in ninth grade or so my aunt just want to check my attitude she folded a two rupee note and placed it in my hand and wished me a happy birthday. Without reacting, I got down her knees and got her blessings then took the money and saved it in my saving box. She felt so happy on that day. I am glad I made her smile through her tears. She is no more now. But I am sure her blessings will always be with me.

Then the most wonderful gift though I can't treasure it in hand but will always remain within me would be the one which one of my brother who worked in our shop gave me once for my birthday. I always love hydrogen balloons and knowing that he came peddling too fast his bicycle and handed it on my hand wishing me on this day. I got so excited, I thanked him so much and within few seconds Oops! the balloon ran out of my hand and it was in air! Then again he took his bicycle and peddled it too fast to get me another balloon. He came back gasping with one. I thanked him so much for his effort and his love towards me and was literally jumping for the balloon he just gave me. And again I was an idiot to make the same mistake! Yes, again the balloon was in air!!! He went for the third time to get it for me but unfortunately the guy who was selling balloons was missing by that time! Its the most beautiful gift I could ever imagine in my life. The way it was given by someone who really cares about me is so amazing! Thank you Babu Anna. And I am so sorry for that day. I am sure you will always be remembered on this day...Forever in my life!

For me its always people who really matters. Its only their unconditional love which made me a better person now. I love you all for being a part of me and my life. Thank you so much for being so sweet to me always.

And for this year my color would be Orange;-) Happy?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa songs

Wow! My long wait for this movie's songs came to an end today! I am so happy to hear all the songs. Truly loving all the songs. This album is going to be in my play list for a quite a long time for sure. I am loving it.

AR Rahman, a true genius. Do I need to say anything about this Modest Music Magnet? His work speaks for himself. Every song is different and so good. I am sure its going to be everywhere around you and you wont regret it.

'Hosanna' song, first time ever a Tamil video song was telecasted in BBC channel! First time ever a Tamil movie audio release happened in London(outside the country). Hope the movie holds good for all the expectation it has generated.

Way to go AR Rahman! Its simply mind blowing!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar - James Cameron's Dream

Who could have forgot this Ace Director for his romantic yet a disaster movie "Titanic"? I myself have watched it for more than thirty times and I better remember the dialogues in the whole movie. It will always remain one of my all time favorite list of movies. Who could have forgot the scene where Rose spreads her hands in air on the edge of the ship and whispered 'I am flying, Jack!'

Avatar is yet another James Cameron's dream and his way of bringing it to big screen. This post is definitely not about the script and technicality of this movie. I honestly believe that I don't have that ability to talk about it. I could see and hear people talking about this movie everywhere. It has reached audience of all sorts. In fact for those who didn't even ever consider watching Hollywood movies want to see this movie no matter what it takes. This is what James Cameron's success is all about. He did that once with Titanic and now he's back with a bang in Avatar."Pandora", What a world! What a dream Mr Cameron!

Avatar - Truly a visual treat. Don't miss it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


There are moments in your life for no reason you are being denied! This is one time you want to reach out to the super power and want him desperately to bless you. You cry out for those angels with the magical wand to help you this one time. You want to collapse in the arms of Santa who missed your wish list for this Christmas. Its all for one reason that nature let you down.

This is a time when someone holds your hand and you don't even feel it! For there is a lump in the throat which you cant explain in words. For the first time you are let down by nature and not by people. For some reason you want to be alone with you and search for an answer. Its one difficult time where you hold few tears in your eyes and never want to show it to anyone around you. This is when you could not be a part of someone's dream. Why there is so much pain before being given? Just because you have that extra strength? or may be God has that one good reason?

Its when you are all set to wrap the gift and about to announce to the world suddenly you find that the gift itself is missing! This is the time where you could not make someone happy and the fault is not yours. Its exactly the moment where those alarming words from several people comes again and again in your mind. This is the moment where you had that most beautiful feeling until the reality turned bad. What a way to start an year! Never mind. May be I am used to it. For there is always been a deep search and meaning before i receive anyone or anything. May be God knows that I can take that extra special step in search of my dreams.

For those of you out there may I pray that you will never come across such a moment in your life. May you have that extra strength, blessings, even natural power, along with my love and prayers to stay out of it.

And Santa, how can you forget my wish list? Oh, come on, what you thought for this Christmas was already given and been with me for a long time. Now listen I believe you always. You know me better...I never give up. I am gonna come right here after sometime with the beautiful moment i just lost and will thank you! I promise you that.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The lost art of letter writing

When was the last time you grabbed a paper to write a letter to someone? Way back? I know it is the most outdated concept now. Thanks to 'Pokkisham' movie which made me realize how much we are missing the real touch of being communicated nowadays. I profoundly remember too well how much I enjoyed writing letters even as a kid. Thanks to my aunt who enjoyed my very first letters with so many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, without her I must have missed this special art.

What a special way to communicate with your loved ones through letters. It was not like today where you open your email everyday or each hour in a day to see there is nothing special, may be a crappiest mail waiting for you and you certainly select it and click 'report spam' button annoyingly! There never was an unwanted letter waiting for you with a Postmaster! In fact there are moments where you waited for a particular letter to be delivered so badly and then like an angel from no land a Postmaster appears right in front of you and just keeps it in your hand! That's one of the moment where you visualize him as a real Santa! Letters carried so much personal touch in each word. The moment you grab it you better know that you are going to enjoy those special words from someone.

I always enjoyed writing letters. Most of my letters I remember never ended in a page but rather it used to be in numerous papers! Some of my letters were for those special ones, friends, cousins, sisters, to my very own brother while some carried my apologies, gratitude, wishes, few are explanatory for a misunderstanding, many carried my love, how much I missed the person and even an explanation letter to a person who "owned" someone I know too well! At one point someone's dad enjoyed reading my letters to his daughter more than she did though a slight blow to my privacy I felt okay then.

Letters are not at all an outdated art, it is the most out smartest way of communication. A personal touch along with the person's own handwriting makes you feel he/she is just in front of you. No one I knew ever trashed it instead they valued as a treasure which is safely kept in their personal box! I would love to make a quick peek into one of those cute letters I have written to my loved ones. Sweetest will be those I wrote while schooling! Though I don't remember, I know it for sure!

Let's all start writing letters and be sweet to each other again please:-)