Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun talking in Conference call

Have anyone tried talking with friends in conference calls frequently? I tell you, Its too much fun when you do that with your close ones. Especially if you happen to be a fun group then the time is just priceless. I have recently started doing that with my family group often and its really interesting to see how much we all enjoy being together. Thanks to the technology, distance is not blocking us for being together now.

Conference calls are real fun especially if you are gifted with a humorous person in your group, your time will just go and on with lots of giggles and quick wits. After doing this for quite a while, I would like to say that conference calls develops a bonding within your group of people, leaves more good memories, its real fun, brings fresh laugh, develops cell phone etiquette, informative (if you are an intelligent group!), even gossip!, clears misunderstandings and so on. Even if you are someone who can initiate and entertain by your talking, It will over time make you patiently listen to someone when he/she is talking.

You could even surprise someone in conference call. Some time back when one of my cousin sisters birthday happened, I called all other sisters and made everyone to wish her on call. She had really nice time talking with everyone. She was so happy and surprised as well.

In this fast world, you need to take some initiative to be with your group of people or atleast talk with your people occasionally rather than blaming it on your busy routine. Please dont give yourself a reason not to be in touch with your friends, cousins, siblings and with all your loved ones.

Pick your phone and talk to someone and share some nice things today. If possible talk to your group now. And please dont blame me for your phone bill ;-)

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