Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eat Pray Love - The Movie

Ever since I read this book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, I wanted to watch the movie very badly and most importantly noticing that Hollywood's sweet heart Julia Roberts is going to be the lead actress in the movie, I felt so happy about it. Though I have watched it sometime back, now is the time to blog about it. Here you go: I was super excited about this movie as I fell in love with the narration of Gilbert and her exceptional sense of humor but in the end I have to admit this movie did not do any justice to it.

There is so much lacking in this movie, and as I watched it I realized from the beginning there is so much left untold and no continuity at all. I don't know how Gilbert took this, honestly I felt terrible as it was a big let down for the book itself. Very disappointed by the way the movie has shaped up into. That too with an amazing actress like Julia Roberts, this movie has poorly wasted her fine talent.

This is for the second time I felt a fantastic book was caught in the wrong hands of movie makers. And the first one being Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. The book was a huge success all over the world and that's the one book I would never forget in my life. I read it like crazy and finished reading it real quick. But when I saw the movie, I was as disappointed as every other person in the world was. Needless to say It didn't do well in the box office. Just imagine the controversy surrounded with the book itself, with whole lot of twists about Christ and what a page turner it had been. But when it came to big screen, the excitement didn't last, the gripping narration was lacking in the movie. A remarkable writing, a fine thriller by Dan Brown didn't happen on screen.

So if at anytime in future I happen to notice that a movie is based on a book, I would definitely prefer reading the book first rather than watching the movie, simply because, I don't want to miss the beautiful narration by an author. And If you have felt you're disappointed by this movie, I request you to read the book, you will like it.

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