Monday, May 17, 2010

Matters of the Heart

A book from my most favorite author, Danielle Steel. I have been reading her books from my college days, like hers there are so many other authors whose stories are so good but somehow I sticked only to her books. Its mainly because of her amazing narrating style, her stories, her characters which makes me every time to fall in love with her books. I have a good collection of her books and always enjoyed accumulating it. I didn't try any of her book in the recent time and started reading this story Matters of the heart, after a long gap. And this book happened to be her one hundredth book. That's a wonderful milestone.

'Some of the greatest crimes against humanity have been committed in the name of love'

This is how the book starts. This story is about a sociopath who holds a person in the name of love. Though I finished off real quick, this story is very disturbing at times and all I thought several times is that I should not continue reading it any further. But still I completed reading this book clenching my teeth thinking about one particular character in the story. Recently someone wanted me to debate about the difference between true love and blind love. This book is a perfect example for blind love. I know its pretty foolish to take a fiction to this level but still I believe there are certainly people if not very many, at least few who just fall prey to a sociopath at times, just like this character (Hope Dunne) in the story. This story is about her who's so foolish in life to give so much love to a person and the consequences is that she gets ripped off and almost touches the edge of death and escapes in a matter of seconds. Eventually she ends up in an ashram in Rishikesh, India for the real healing of her life. Here is the best advice she ever received from her stay in the ashram...

'We are always better than before when those we love inflict wounds on us. They make us stronger, and when you forgive them, you will no longer feel the scar'

Hopefully the next book which I am going to start right away has to be something interesting from my Dany.


  1. well, i agree with your words because even i have read her 3 books.i love those books heartly.

  2. Hi Sriram,
    I am happy to know that you read her books. Some of her books are so good that I even read it twice. Let me know if you want me to name any her good books, I can do that. Have a good day.