Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just two years back, this was exactly the same day I landed on this beautiful country. My dream destination. Without any person's influence or I should say very less knowledge about it, I always dreamed of being in this country. I don't know why I loved so much about this country then. It was my dream, my wish, my joy and my love for wanting to be in this country one day. And I am so glad it happened on this day. Now I realize this is the land which makes life worth living each day. Its no wonder my love for this land has gone more farther now.

It could possibly only me who can still feel the first moment of being in this country on this day. I am sure that will never wind up in my memory, never in my lifetime. A day where my long lasted dream and my wish came true. And I am not exaggerating any bit of it. This is a place where not only dreams evolve but it also shapes up well to form a life out of it. Anything and everything is possible here. If you ever have a dream and a passion, bring it here and I am sure you will win in this land. The kind of creativity in people living here is something which makes me mesmerized often. Truly a land of beautiful ideas.

Do I have to talk about love and life on this land? You will never realize what real life is all about until you set your foot on this land. Wherever I go I see people just live their life and also enjoy every bit of it. They simply make sure they are living their life rather than living some one's life or dream. I really fall short of words to describe their love and appreciation. I honestly accept that some of the most romantic ideas can only happen in this land and I wonder how they come up with such sweet things in life. Best romantic place ever on earth. Never seen or heard so much appreciation in any form until I came to this country.

America, a land of life, love, joy, appreciation, creativity, dreams, parenting, sense of humor, smiling faces, privacy, courtesy, real freedom, spectacular movies, amazing ideas above all this is where you can be real 'You'. I am so happy for being in this country. And the hardest part is the thought of leaving this place one day. Hopefully not sooner. Fingers crossed. Its not about the money, infrastructure and sophisticated life which makes me fall in love with this land again and again, its mainly because I learnt so many things from it. Of all the beautiful things I have come across this is what I love and learnt from this country, 'how to be myself and live my own life'! Yippee! I am living my dream. I love America and God bless America!

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