Monday, June 28, 2010

Citi Forward credit card advantage

Credit cards are definitely not a pain if used properly. I am so glad to use this particular card, Citi Forward which serves our purpose quiet well. The reward which the card gives us is a bonus for every single dollar we spend (So we kind of earn something for we spend. Cool right?. Wish I have used this card all my life). This particular card earns us five points for every one dollar we spend on dining out, movies, books and music. Since we dine out often, this card is perfect for us to earn those bonus points (We earn while we drool ;-)) There is no annual fee for this card and also we get hundred bonus points if we pay the bill on time every month (This card encourages you to pay on time which is a very nice gesture)

We accumulated the points for over an year and just recently redeemed the points for a gift card and got a "Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera H55" which is worth some $ 220. Both the Citi credit card and the Sony camera looks perfect for us. :-)

Similarly there are various credit cards with different kinds of rewards. Some cards are specific for travel purposes and if you are a frequent flier, you can apply and enjoy its rewards by accumulating miles. So when you have accumulated enough miles to take a domestic or international flight, you can very well use those miles. And there are also cards as students cards, small business cards, low interest credit cards and so on.

Bottom line here is use your little brain and apply for a credit card which best suits you and enjoy those rewards. Citi forward card points are redeemable through its Thank You Network and here comes a heartfelt "Thank you" from us to Citi card :-)

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