Monday, January 25, 2010

Fulfilling Weekend!

I went to a birthday party and met some really nice group of people with their beautiful kids. Its so nice to meet people in this country that too our own Indian people and have some fun. Gathering like this didn't happen too often though we talk over phone and keep in touch. Everyone will be busy on weekdays and then every weekend passes by being so lazy!

Its so good to be part of this group of friends. Huh... after some two months or so I really met some group of people, had a good time laughing and was teasing each other and then forgot to include we all ate together...More than us it was kids who were all around and they enjoyed and played well.

First time I attended a birthday party here in US and I saw some real face painting! Not only the kids, all their parents loved to have their face painted...Its was fun...Of course we both didn't do that but enjoyed watching others have that on their faces! The American girl who did those paintings is so good at it. Her work was so unique which reflected in every one's faces.

There was this particular kid named Samay must be around seven years old, within few minutes I entered the hall he came behind me and kind of did some cute things to scare me of his face painting which was Shark! It was so well painted on his face and it looked so good on him. He kept coming to me in the party and was doing all the funny things... Very cute kid...I loved him. He must be a Shark lover! He enjoyed so much that he had shark on his face. And when the turn came to all the kids to pick a balloon of their choice he was spontaneous asking for Shark! Then the same American girl who was so good at making different balloons placed his 'own' shark on his hand.. he loved it!

For Samay, may your love for Sharks grow much fonder and my special wishes are with you. Thank you so much for being so sweet to me. I really enjoyed your funny faces and your actions! And to all other kids Arya, Drithi, Krish, few other kids (I am sorry I missed your names) and especially the birthday boy, Saurya, May you all be so happy in life and always carry that beautiful smile on your faces! No need to say Kids are always Angels!

When I stepped out of the hall I could only smile thinking of the wonderful time I just had. I can't ask for more other than being with some real people in my life....Very Satisfying!

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